How these comedians have become villains for the Indians by spreading venom?

To an extent, to be honest.

I will say we are witnessing a lot of buffoonery these days. May be because there are lot of platforms with ubiquitous access that we are getting to hear a lot of noise from sub standard comedian. Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook , I mean you can promote yourself at little to no cost.

Let’s see the dictionary meaning of the two words before we move forward:

Buffoonery: behavior that is ridiculous but amusing.

Comedy: professional entertainment consisting of jokes and sketches, intended to make an audience laugh.

How you can pass Buffoonery as comedy:

  1. You got to have connections (Political and Business)
  2. Account on all sort of Social media platforms with a verified tag if possible
  3. English

The third point is just the back bone of passing off bad content as good these days. Let me give you few examples of buffoonery.


He shot to fame after doing a roast program (along with his cohorts) endorsed by some Bollywood Newbies with their presence. The only thing funny about their act was they were saying those cheap things on stage which young boys in India say in their their private conversations. A grown up man, speaking street level language (abuses) which kids speak in private conversations was the only thing funny in their roasts. And the sentences being dished out in English make it classy enough for the upper middle class to laugh at. Remember his crass snapchat gig on Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar?

On Twitter Mr Tanmay say all sorts of things to stay relevant:



Is that comedy from any stretch of imagination? How can somebody trivialize pedophilia as a joke?

How does he sustain?

His Co-founder, is in relationship with a daughter of a Bollywood BIg-wig. Bollywood stars started participating in their events to make them famous. That got them views on Youtube. Besides they have a group of about a dozen comedians who keep promoting each other.


The most recent “Comedian” who is worth mentioning is Kunal Kamra. A relatively unknown, but pretty vocal guy.

Just check out his jokes, Most of them somehow gyrate around the pelvis area and Privates.

  1. Mocking religious Turban of Sikhs

Translations (last two lines): Remove your Turban, use a 1500 Rs one, and you will hear it.

2. Comedy or Abusive Rant:

Translation (for last two lines): The Govt is not just fu***** us, but taking extra rent for my di**.

3. One more joke on Private organs:

Translations: Aye Depak, stick on my di**

4: Obsession with privates continues.


5: This one is led him to delete his account. Thankfully.

Buffoonery at its best.

How he sustain?

He has a Youtube Channel where he invites people to promote them. Recently he invited Sidharath Vardharajan, who has founded a news outlet The Wire, after having been removed from The Hindu for breaches of Business and journalistic conduct. Just a day after the promotional meet on his Youtube channel, Kamra started asking donations for Vardharajan’s startup organisation.

He has support from Mevani and many more wannabe politicians. So it’s a symbiosis of political and media start ups which keep such “comedians” afloat.

He deleted his twitter account this week after people started retweeting his old “Jokes”. If a stand up comedian can’t stand his own old jokes, you can gauge how much worthy he is. There is another 50 year old comedian, Atul Khatri who works with Kunal Kamra. Just imagine a suave ex-executive saying street words popular among kids 1990s “Chutiya banaya, bada maza aya” ( which loosely translate as I made you stupid and I enjoyed it) as his punch line.

But everything is not gloomy, We have guys likes of Biswapati Sarkar, Zakir Khan, Abish Mathew (Silver lining from AIB) who are doing pretty good. But yeah, thanks to Social media platforms like Youtube and Twitter, that we are getting to see a lot of bad content being promoted by people as comedy.


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