Huge embarrassment for Congress as BJP wins 19 seats out of 28 declared in NC Hills Council Election

PM Modi led Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) rules the heart of people of North East. Time and again the people of North East have proved this by voting BJP to power.

Again this time in NC Hills (North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council) elections the people have given their mandate to development.

In the recently declared result by the Assam State election Commission the Bhartiya Janta Party has won 19 out of 28 seats while Congress has been completely white washed. The Congress party got only 2 seats and the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) got 1 seat and 6 seats went into the kitty of Independents
The polling for the 28 seats of the 12th North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council in Dima Hasao district took place on January 19 and over 75 percent voter turnout was recorded.

This is a tight slap on all faces that were trying to portray that people are not happy with the Government move of National Register of Citizens and termed it as inhumane.

In July, the Assam Government had published the much awaited final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). There were around 40 lakh people whose name did not feature in the final draft of NRC. The main motive behind updating and publishing NRC is to separate authentic Indian citizens in Assam from illegal immigrants. NRC consists of the names of Indian citizens of Assam and the list was prepared in 1951. Since the BJP has come to power in Assam, it has restarted the exercise again.

It is a good sign for the party’s acceptance and popularity between the people and shows that there is no distress among people by the move of BJP Government but it is infact the opposition which is rattled by the move of PM Modi Government as PM Modi has put an end to their practices of garnering illegal votes. PM Modi has put an end to their illegal vote bank.

Seven sisters of the North East of India have thrown the Congress out of the region and have proved Atal ji’s sayings true, “The sun will rise in North East and lotus will bloom everywhere”. There are BJP and NDA governments in all the North Eastern states. The people of North East have shown the mirror to Congress by ousting them out of the region

The entire country should learn from these seven sisters, how by rejecting the politics of casteism one can move toward the path of development

Source :NorthEastToday