Huge Embarrassment for Congress : Ex-DGMO Reveals Congress Lied on Surgical Strikes!

In a huge embarrassment for the Congress, the Ex-DGMO Vinod Bhatia has claimed that Congress lied on conducting surgical strikes during the UPA government.

Vinod Bhatia, who served as the DGMO for a long period during the UPA government today in an interview to TimesNow has revealed that there were no surgical strikes before during Congress rule. He said there were only “˜Cross Border Operations”™ along the LoC which are quite common. He also added that the Surgical Strikes conducted last week was the FIRST of its type and never before was such operation planned.

Ex-DGMO has also slammed the Congress and all those asking for PROOF as irresponsible”™s. He also added that this operation was very SPECIAL and no information can ever be released into public domain. Surgical Strikes are both Punitive and Pre-emptive in nature and there is absolutely no room for any errors and mistakes.

The Congress spokesperson yesterday in a press meet had tried to play down the importance of surgical strike, claiming that many surgical strikes were conducted earlier during Congress rule. The congress  since last week is desperate and trying its best to mock the Indian Army and the Modi government calling operations as FAKE and demanding PROOF for the same.

Lt. Gen. BS Jaswal and Air marshal PK Barbora yesterday had blasted Congress and Kejriwal saiying  “When the DGMO and the ARMY has put out statement, it is the duty of people to trust them and no one can ever question or demand the proof for such secretive operations”

It”™s a matter of shame that these political parties have no regard to the Indian Army and are putting National security at stake for their dirty politics. Ever since Congress and Kejriwal started demanding PROOF for surgical strikes, people on social media has criticized and questioned the intentions of these people who are speaking in the tone of Pakistan.

Aishwarya S