Huge embarrassment for Rahul Gandhi!!! Villagers attack Rahul Gandhi’s convoy for making photo-op in the flood affected village

Damn shape-out to Vice President Rahul Ghandi by the locals of Gujarat Today.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was visiting to the regions of North Gujarat. During the visit, Rahul Gandhi took a tour of Banaskantha and Paton districts, which are the worst affected regions in the recent floods in the state in seventy years.

Sources reported that over 270 persons died and 4.5 lack people affected by the floods in the state. As many as 61 persons have been killed in Banaskantha alone, while seven died due to heavy rains and flood.

Locals of Gujarat raised a black flag to Rahul Gandhi and opposed his visit. After three weeks of Flood and for days before election, he visited Gujarat and strident voices came up along with his visit.

Locals said that, “There is no need to come to Gujarat after three weeks of the flood. People died and congress party volunteers did not help us to survive. Now, what is the point in visiting like a ‘drama hero’?

The flood victims tried to chase away Rahul Gandhi and pelted a stones at his car.

Rahul Gandhi was giving a nice photo shoots over there and smiling to get photographed. But, his jolt of dramas have been rappelled out by the locals.There happened a massive attack on Rahul and locals lambasted Rahul well.  Boulder thrown at Rahul’s car and the securities got injured.  Stones hurled into Rahul Gandhi’s car and damaged.

When media tried to ask him about the survey and the flood, he did not give any answers and drove off with his people.

And, what are the Gujarat’s MLA’s doing in Bangalore right now? Are they aware of Gujarah’s flood and why they are not there to help people?

Is Rahul Gandhi covering up MLA’s issue, visiting Gujarat on the behalf of those MLA’s? 

It’s just a political gimmick of Congress Party as well as immature kid of Congress Fort. If the party really wanted to help people, then why they didn’t sent MLA’s back to Gujarat to help the citizens from Bangalore?

He did not utter a single word about BOFORS and left red-faced.

Sushmitha Saptharshi