Huge embarrassment for Sagarika Ghose; Read how Madhur Bhandarkar trapped and exposed Sagarika in her own show

The forces which were frustrated after BJP came into power in 2014 elections were finding ways to defame the government. The liberals, anti-nationals, communists, presstitutes and members of congress party – the self-acclaimed guardians of freedom of speech and freedom expression used every other incident in the country to attack the current government leaving no stone unturned to shame the government in centre. Be it farmers suicide, communal fights, lynching over beef, appointment of FTII and Censor Board chief, the self-proclaimed guardians of freedom of expression used the above instances to target the government and tried to create fear among the fellow Indians that something horrible is happening under the current government.

The so called preservers of democracy and freedom of expression stooped so low that they also used the students of JNU as a tool to win political points over their opponents and accused the current government of trying to curb and stifle freedom of expression but none of it got the expected response from the people of India who understood that the protest against current government was politically motivated and there was no incident which showed that freedom of expression was under threat.

But the forces which were against development of India and the rise of Modi in national and international landscape kept on making several attempts to defame him. Now their protest against curbing of freedom of expression has fallen flat on their face as the torch bearers of Freedom of expression, the workers of congress party have taken to street and been involved in violent protest to express their anger against the release of Madhur Bhandarkars new movie – Indu Sarkar, a movie which is based on Emergency.

Journalists like Rajdeep, Barkha, Saba, Sagarika who did not think twice to declare that idea of India was under threat and that current government was using powers to curb freedom of expression have suddenly went on silent mode and are not taking sides because in this instance it is their bosses who have taken to streets to protest against the release of a movie. Surprisingly none of the so called esteemed journalists found it necessary to question the Congress party or its high command with regards to violent protest against Madhur Bhandarkars movie which is based on emergency.

After weeks of protest and the constant backlash it received on social media, India Today group took up the issue and invited Madhur Bhandarkar the movie director and Sagarika Ghose, the unofficial spokesperson of India tried to put Madhur Bhandarakar into a trap by saying that even movies and books which were documented with regards to Godhra Riots were protested and people supporting BJP tried all their might to stop the release of such documentaries.

Madhur Bhandarkar not the one to bow down, shot back at Sagarika Ghose, leaving her speechless. Madhur Bhandarkar’s reply was the biggest slap Sagarika has ever received in her career as a journalist. Madhur asked Sagarika why people who claimed Indu Sarkar to be BJP sponsored did not use the same terminology against the documentaries which were made on Gujarat Riots?

He brilliantly responded to the allegations of Sagarika and the congress party that whether journalists (presstitutes) like her will ask the congress workers and its high command in the same breath that whether movies, documentaries and books made on Gujarat Riots were sponsored by Congress party?

It is quite evident that both Rajdeep and Sagarika are working overtime to save the face of Congress in this hour of crisis. Even though they have lost their reputation their loyalty to Congress party is still intact and unless journalists like them are in media, it can never be a free and fair media.

Do watch the video to see how Madhur Bhandarkar slapped Sagarika with his brilliant response: