Huge embarrassment for the Congress party in Karnataka as CM Kumaraswamy says “Unlike Congress Leaders, I Travel By Economy Flight Tickets”!

There he goes. This is what happens when a divorced couple tries to get along again, in spite of knowing it will never work once the separation!! How ungrateful of you Mr Kumaraswamy, it has been not even a month and you have started picking up the loopholes of the party that held your hand in need?

Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said, “the politicians of the grand old party are used to flying in choppers, but he travels by economy flight tickets to save money for the state”. Doesn’t this statement resemble a clean rift between the Congress and the JDS in Karnataka?

“Congress politicians in Karnataka are used to flying in choppers. I got a bill of Rs 14 lakh for short chopper trip to Bagalkot. In this way, it would cost me lakhs for trips. I travel by economy flight tickets, so I don’t have to pay the exorbitant bills and in turn I can save money for the state,” said CM Kumaraswamy.

The point what I would wish to raise here, whatever class they travel, do the Congressmen pay for it?? There were many media reports of taking free of cost travel fairs and looting money from the public funds. So one cannot blame Congress for spending money on travel? Am I right or Am I right?

In the meeting, where the Karnataka CM was holding talks with state farmers for discussing issues like farm loan waiver and drought issues, the farmers demanded for a complete farm loan waiver and nothing less than that. The farmers also confronted the non-existent Karnataka government following which a chaos erupted at the meeting. The farmers expressed their displeasure over the newly formed government and said that Kumaraswamy is busy with Congress politics and has forgotten all about the farmers, as reported by Republic World.

Earlier HD Kumaraswamy had said that “he was at the ‘mercy’ of Congress and not the people of Karnataka as his government had not received the full mandate which his party had sought in the state assembly elections. Also said there is no need for farmers’ association to pressurize him on farm loan waivers as he is clear on the issue”.

“I am one step ahead of you to work for the farmers. You need not have to ask me for my resignation over farm loan waiver. If I fail to do that then I myself will resign from the post. Farm loan waiver is my priority. Can’t you wait for a week? Even the cabinet has not been formed yet,” he added.

Dear Kumaraswamy, we shall wait for some time from now to see till what time this pretending survives. People very well know your misdeeds. And the recent blunder you have done holding hands with the Congress. If you are behind the agenda of saving, save money for the state and for its people. Ultimately which will be looted by the Congress ministers whom only you will allocate the portfolio. Right?

Source: Republic World