Huge embarrassment to Gandhi family! MLA from Gandhi’s bastion reveals Priyanka Gandhi protects criminal and create enmity between party

In a major embarrassment to Congress ahead of last phase of voting, working MLA Rakesh Singh from UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s bastion, Rae Bareli has revealed sensational details about party’s Uttar Pradesh general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

MLA Rakesh Singh from Harchandpur in Rae Bareli district, has laid strong allegations against her He alleged that Congress President sister protects the criminal and is also responsible for creating a divide between the party

Explaining his pathetic condition and what he is going through MLA Rakesh Singh said, he is under too much pressure. He alleged Priyanka Gandhi for bringing goons from outside in the area and harassing his brothers. Making his stand clear he also hinted at leaving the party. He said “Party and position is temporary thing but a brother is not.

He also said that the way Priyanka Gandhi is reacting, it will harm the results for the party. He said she comes here for an hour and what she does is only to create enmity and division. In his anger he also revealed that Gandhi family makes a visit there only during the elections time, create fight amongst us and then leave. And he said we are unable to understand why they do like this. We need to understand this.

“I am working under pressure. Being is member of the party is separate. I am a Congress MLA and constitutionally will be.But it is wrong of her to bring goons from outside and hit our brothers and frame criminal charges against us. Party and position is temporary but a brother is not. If someone is accusing him then how will I keep quiet? What she is saying is wrong. Priyanka Gandhi is shielding criminals, as per my sources, this is what I know. Due to Priyanka Gandhi’s conspiracy, the party’s results will get worse. She always comes here for an hour and makes us fight each other. They come here during elections, make us fight and then leave. We need to understand why they are trying to make us fight among ourselves everytime they are here,”

What else can you expect from Gandhi family? Dividing and creating enmity is in their blood. This is how they were ruling the nation since long. The nation has already understood the intentions of Congress party and now Congress leaders are also revealing how this family at the time of election opt the tactics of “Divide and Rule”