In a sudden and unfortunate development, the CM of Karnataka Mr Siddaramaiah lost his elder son Mr. Rakesh Siddaramaiah following multiple organ failure in Belgium on 30th July. He was suffering from pancreatic ailment for long which aggravated last week while he was on Europe tour last week.

People from across party lines condoled the passing away of Siddaramaiah”™s son and stood by him at the time of grief.

What amazes us the most is the way his own party people behaved at this situation. Rahul Gandhi the vice president of the congress party to which Siddaramaiah belongs to could not even spare a day to visit Siddaramaiah to offer condolences. Rahul Gandhi who wasted no time to visit houses of people in Hyderabad, JNU, Gujarat which gave him political advantage and could play dalit card, OBC card and minority card, could not spare one day to visit his own party member house as it had no political gain. All he could do was tweet a condolence message on twitter.

But PM Modi who belongs to a different party, more so a man who has been constantly targeted and mocked by congress party and Siddaramaiah himself showed a far more humble gesture to help Siddaramaiah to save his son in every way possible. He personally instructed Sushma Swaraj to take stock of situation after which CM”™s son was immediately shifted from a local hospital to Antwerp University Hospital in Brussels to provide advanced treatment.  Sushma Swaraj took personal interest to arrange visa to Siddaramaiah”™s wife, brother and family doctor. PM Modi has always shown a big heart in extending help during any needful situation, be it during Nepal earthquake, Kerala temple fire, Andhra Pradesh cyclone. He hasn”™t seen politics, he did not wait for people to request him, but has done what is required.

May be there is something to learn for people like Rahul Gandhi who sees politics in every incident. Being in politics doesn”™t mean you have to forget the humanity in you.

Be a Human before a Politician!

Aishwarya S