Humiliation for Pakistan as Pak PM Nawaz Sharif snubbed at Trump event in Saudi Arabia

There seems no end to the humiliation of Pakistan at the international level. After being exposed and humiliated at International Court of Justice where the court pronounced a judgement against Pakistan for not following Vienna conventions by denying consular to Kulbhushan Jadhav and farcically awarding a death sentence to him, Pakistan has reportedly been snubbed at Saudi Arabia. If reports in Pakistani newspapers are to be believed, Nawaz Sharif was not even allowed to speak at the Donald Trump event in Saudi Arabia.

“The Pakistan PM wasn’t allowed to speak at the event, even as leaders of some small countries put forward their views on terrorism. The popular sentiment among the majority of Pakistani media delegation was that of a total humiliation of the sole Muslim nuclear power because not only there was no mention of Islamabad’s role against global terrorism but also the prime minister of the ‘frontline state’ was denied the opportunity to put forth its point of view,” a report published in Pakistan daily ‘The Nation’ said.

Apart from the fact that Nawaz Sharif was not allowed to speak on terrorism, while leaders of many other smaller Islamic countries were allowed to speak is a massive insult to Pakistan, more so when the event involved only Muslim countries, whose alliance Pakistan wants to lead.

This was not the end. Pakistan was snubbed one more time, this time by US President Donald Trump, who did not mention the name of Pakistan in the list of countries suffering from terrorism, but went ahead to state India as one of the countries which has seriously suffered from terrorism. This speech of Trump, somehow, did not go down well with Pakistan and left it embarrassed as the world has come to know about Pakistan sponsored terrorism in India during the recent years. Donald Trump has also proposed to end the financial military aid given to Pakistan and converted it into a loan. If the senate approves it, then Pakistan will no longer receive aid, but will have to pay the loan which US will give.

Kshitij Mohan