Humiliation for Pakistan, now US Senator Ted Poe calls it a backstabbing Nation!

Humiliation to Pakistan once again as US Congressman Ted Poe called Pakistan as a ‘Backstabbing Nation’. Tweeting a note for US defense secretary James Mattis, Poe said, “Under the National Defense Authorization Act, the Secretary of Defense must be able to verify that the backstabbing nation of Pakistan has ‘taken sufficient action against the Haqqani Network’ in the fight against terrorism.”

Congressmen Poe is famous for openly accusing Pakistan for “supporting multiple terrorist organizations”. Once again, Poe termed Pakistan a “Benedict Arnold Ally”. Arnold, a notorious American traitor, was a general during the American Revolutionary War who defected to the British Army and fought against American army. Poe, referring to Pakistan, says that he is “encouraged by this step revoking funding to our Benedict Arnold ally.”

Poe has also requested to revoke Pakistan’s status as a major non-Nato ally (MNNA), which was granted in 2004 by then US President Bush. Recently US defense secretary Mattis had said that US will block $350 million in coalition support funds to Pakistan. The reason for this massive cut in fund was Islamabad’s failure to “sufficient actions” against the dreaded Haqqani terror network which has been behind terror attacks in Afghanistan.

Recently in a major setback to Pakistan, the United States Congress enacted new norms which will make it difficult for Islamabad to get funding in the name fighting terror. As per the new norms, US Secretary of Defense will certify that Pakistan is not providing military, financial, or logistical aid to any individuals designated by the US as terrorist operating in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Manish Sharma