‘If UP is hung, BSP should join SP-Congress’ : Congress before results, ‘Alliance in Goa-Manipur is murder of Democracy’ : Congress after results!

Finally after 4 days in hiding, the Vice president of Rahul Gandhi has come out from his hideout and faced the media for the first time after the results were announced.

But the irony is every time he tries to make a good impression, he makes a fool of himself with his foolish statements. Today while replying to the Press, he was asked about the UP and Uttrakhand debacle to which he made a very stupid comment saying  “While you are in opposition, you face up’s and down’s , we are little down in Uttar Pradesh but will analyse and campaign”.

He said we won the elections in Goa and Manipur but the BJP stole the mandate with money power and they have misused the position of the Governor.

But this man seems to have not learnt any lesson even after facing continuous debacle in every elections since 2012. Totally he has lost 9 elections until now. Rahul Gandhi who has lead the party since 5 years has not able to make any impact in terms of either governance or politics. Even today Rahul Gandhi says the same sentence what he said in 2014 about structural changes in the party, but until now he has done nothing.


Instead of accepting the defeat, Rahul Gandhi has given a clean chit to himself and has blamed the BJP for claiming victory in Goa and Manipur.

The BJP in Goa and Manipur has got the numbers and have proved it to the Governor.  So under constitution there is nothing wrong in inviting the people who proves majority. Rahul Gandhi before blaming BJP should first look at his own party what they did.

In 1999, BJP was the single largest party in the centre, Sonia Gandhi convinced Jayalalitha to withdraw support to the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government and thus brought down the government. Was it constitutional??

In 2005 Karnataka elections: BJP got 79 seats, Cong – 65, JDS – 58. But the Congress and JDS came together to form government. So where was Rahul Gandhi’s conscious then?

In the same year, 2005 Jarkhand elections, BJP won 30 seats, Cong – 9, NCP – 1 and JMM -17. Some of the regional parties came in support of BJP which gave them 41 MLAs in total with clear majority. But shockingly, the Congress Governor Syed Sibtey Razi invited the JMM leader Shibu Soren to form the government. Shibu was even sworn in as the Chief Minister. BJP decided to take all MLAs to meet the President Kalam, during which the charter flight carrying the independent MLAs was purposefully raided by the Congress and JMM ministers,  stopped the plane on the run way and prevented them from meeting President. But after a day, BJP took MLA’s separately through various means and finally met the President claiming majority. After which the Governor asked Shibu Soren to resign and BJP government was formed.

In 2013 Delhi elections, BJP got 32 seats, Cong – 8, AAP – 28. Congress joined hands with AAP, where was the ethics?

Okay, Rahul Gandhi’s memory may not be good to remember all this, but just before the UP results were announced on March 11, 2017 the same Congress party and Akhilesh yadav had said if there was hung assembly in UP, then BSP should join SP-Congress to keep BJP out…this is ethical but joining hands with alliance is murder of democracy??

Rahul Gandhi and all his party leaders should realise that if there is anything unethical in democracy today, it’s because of Congress. They are the ones who introduced corruption, horse trading and all unethical practice in the Indian politics. They are well known to speak about constitution and democracy only when it suits their agenda.

Aishwarya S


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