Hunt against NGOs violating FCRA norms continues, government cancels license of 156 NGOs in 180 days!

Soon after the Modi government came to power in 2014, the home Ministry had taken a stringent measure against thousands of NGOs which were found to have violated FCRA norms. These NGOs which received massive foreign funds were involved in anti national activities in the name of human rights and freedom of speech.

Modi government has cancelled the foreign funding 14,000 NGO’s in the last four years. This disclosure was made on the floor of the house by the MHA few months back. As per the reports, the total foreign funding Ngo’s has come down to Rs 6,499 crore in 2016-17, from 17,773 crores in 2015-16. And in 2018, Modi government is on the mission of sweeping foreign funding NGO’s.

Many of the NGOs were also found to be funding naxals, terrorists and involved in mass scale conversion in many parts of India. The CBI report published in 2015 said that 31 lakh NGOs operating in the country which received their funds from the govt and/or abroad, only a paltry 10% had filed their balance sheet.

Now, the government has further extended their hunt and cancelled the license of 156 NGOs for receiving foreign funds for failing to open bank account in any of the 32 banks integrated with the Public Financial Management System (PMFS) according to FCRA rules.

The MHA in its statement said “It has been observed that the said associations have not yet opened their bank account(s) as mandated under section 17 of the FCRA, 2010 in PFMS-integrated banks and have contravened the provisions of the FCRA, 2010 by not complying with the directions of the Central Government.”

The MHA says that the despite giving notices to the NGOs, they have failed to reply or give any clarification to the government on their failure to open bank accounts. There fore the ministry has decided to cancel the license of the NGO’s saying “It may be assured that FC receiving/utilization accounts of the respective Association are frozen immediately and no transaction may be allowed without Prior Permission of this Ministry.”

Among the cancelled licenses, a significant number are of the Christian organisations which were largely found to have violated FCRA norms and involved in conversion activities. Many Islamic organisation were also part of those whose license have been cancelled.

The government list can be found in the following link!



This is exactly why the naxals, left liberals are getting worked up and desperately wants the Modi government to be defeated. It is important that these NGOs are barred for life and made sure they do not receive any funding for their anti National activities.

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