Hypocrisy gets slammed once again! Kerala High Court bashes Communist Govt for discriminating between temple and church verdict

Kerala Communist Government has always appeased certain sections of the society for being in power. Just for some votes, they have stooped to such a low level that they have treated particular section of society pathetically.

Once again these double standards of the Communist Government are in front of the nation. The way Kerala Government has handeled Sabarimala verdict and the way it is handling Piravam Church case is completely different

According to the verdict announced by Supreme Court on Piravam Church ‘The church should be administered as per the 1934 constitution of the Malankara Church and the Jacobites who had disassociated from the constitution had no right to interfere in the religious and the administrative affairs of the church and its properties.But the communist Kerala Government instead of implementing the verdict is trying for out of court settlement.

Even the Pinarayi Vijayan led Communist Government is slammed by the Kerala High Court for its double standards. When asked by Court as to why Kerala government was unable to implement the order, the state Government gave excuses such as lack of adequate police force and proper state machinery to implement the judgment of Supreme Court. It further said that if the police intervened to implement the judgment, there might be bloodshed, loss of life by self-immolation or by suicide and complete breakdown of law and order.

Upon this the court slammed the Government by saying “If you can implement the Sabarimala verdict then why can’t you implement the Piravom Church verdict, It asked “When 1000 police officers are deployed at Sabarimala, why is the government not able to facilitate security for 200 persons at the Piravom church?” The court also said that this double standard is indigestible for ordinary people.

The court also observed that it was completely taken aback by the submission made by the State government that it was trying for a settlement. The court observed that it did not understand under what sanction of law did the police or the State machinery say that they are trying for an amicable settlement outside court, even though the judgments of the Supreme Court hold the field.

The court said it failed to understand how in a case of a much lesser magnitude where around 200 to 400 people were involved, the State could shy away from their obligation to implement orders of courts or why the police helplessly say that they were incapable of executing directives and declarations of law by the Supreme Court, even though they conceded without any reservation that the judgments were binding on them implicitly.

This is completely exposing the true face of communist Government which on side is forcefully implementing the Sabarimala verdict and is brutally treating the devotees by forcefully evicting them from temple premises and even making them rest near pig droppings and dustbin. Whereas on the other side the communist Government is showing their helplessness to implement the Supreme Court order on church and is trying for out of Court settlement.

Source :The Hindu



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