I agree that Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi but can anyone say who killed 1.20 crore Hindus & Sikhs?

Who was the one to tear apart Mother India and established 2 different countries in the name of religion? Who divided the Hindus and Muslims who lived with the sense of brotherhood in India? Who sowed the seed of hatred in the minds of Hindus and Muslims in India post-Independence? Who tore apart India into pieces? Who sacrificed the lives of 1 crore 20 lakh Hindu and Sikhs? Who is the Ultimate responsible for riots in Kashmir? Hindu and Sikh women were raped; little girls were not spared why? Who chopped off their hands and nose?

Whose conspiracy was it to construct a 10 Km wide road from Pakistan to Bengal and divide India into parts? Who was it who sat on a hunger strike demanding to gain 55 crore for Pakistan? Who said that the Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan should be sent back to India, and the Muslims gone to Pakistan should be brought back? Who was it who provided shelter to the Muslims in Delhi?

Knowing the fact that providing those 55 crores, Pakistan will use that money to conspire against India, who was demanding for it? Watching the Hindu and Sikh women being raped who asked: “the Muslim women to shut their mouths and let the rapes happen”? Who stood for the Muslims and hurt the emotions of Hindus? Pakistan had been sending a number of Hindu and Sikh dead bodies in spite of all this, who did not give up with his hunger strike in the favour of Muslims?

Who was responsible for the problems faced by the Sikhs in Punjab? Who did not utter a word in spite of the repeated deaths of the freedom fighters? Who nodded head to every demand from the British? Who murdered those 1 crore 20 lakh Hindus and Sikhs? Who was responsible for the exploitation they faced? Who was that butcher who tore apart his own Mother India?

After all this who was the ultimate culprit for what a Hindu family suffered? Why did that family shed unstoppable tears? Why did the father of that family take his 8-year-old son’s body and placed him in Nathuram Godse’s hands and said “give my son’s body to your Mahatma and tell him to break his hunger strike with my son’s blood this time rather than orange juice”!! This was just one family, who was responsible for the tears of crores of such Hindus and Sikhs?

Who forced those Hindus and Sikhs to leave their own homes? Who made them homeless from their own country? Was it right to break the unity that existed among the Hindus and Muslims? Can anyone of you answer all these questions from your soul? If not your mind your true soul will answer who is the real culprit. Ask your soul why Godse killed Mahatma? Who was right and who was the actual culprit?

If someone is a Mahatma, how can he do this to his country? How can he deceive his own countrymen? How can let the bloodshed happen in front of his own eye? How can someone sit upon crores of dead bodies and scream for the welfare of the Muslims? Didn’t his soul ever question him, how can he call himself a “Mahatma”? In India-The one responsible for crores of the death of Hindus and Sikhs is called a “Mahatma” and the one who killed the Mahatma and stopped the further loss of lives is called a “Murderer”!