I am a Muslim. We don’t lie!!! Said former JNU Vice-President Shehla Rashid after getting caught spreading lies against PM Modi

In a country where youth are termed to be the biggest asset, there are certain extremities that make us want to hang our heads in shame. While most youth are engaged in disciplinary and academic activities that shall mould them into real time resources, there are a few that set examples for what a young student must not look like.

Of course, the clear reference goes to the students of JNU who dropped to streets advocating the birthday celebrations of Afzal Guru and anti-national slogans for being restricted at that. It has been a consistent downfall for the anti-nationalists since then, considering the clear opposition posed by the rest of the student strength of India towards their ideals. However, desperate moves to still prove themselves and evoke the likes of them continue to take place on the part of students of JNU, the Vice President of the Students’ Union of the institute being a clear example.

Shehla Rashid, a native of Srinagar and a student of M.Phil at Jnu, also a member of the extreme leftist All India Students Association, has never stopped chattering about how much she cares for the ‘underprivileged minorities’ of India. This woman who has a considerable fan following for her ‘beauty with brains’ hails from a state when 69% of the population is Muslim, but yet considered to be ‘minority’ and provided all special privileges. The 28% (other than rest of religions) Hindus living in Kashmir are termed majorities and are given absolutely no privilege, and this lady from JNU makes long and rhetoric speeches about the upliftment of the minorities.

A firm believer in Marxism and an ardent follower of leftism, Shehla Rashid has left no stone unturned in accusing the Indian government and calling it anti-national. A tweet made by her in 2016 was proved a disastrous lie then itself, but one year later, Shehla Rashid has further flamed the lie with a religious quote. Referring to the demonetization phase in India, she tweeted –

“During demonetization, a Sanghi troll tweeted to me that he doesn’t mind standing in the queue. When I went to his profile, I found out that he is an NRI! I asked him how he can say that, when he doesn’t even live in India. He goes, “So, what if I don’t live in India?” Beat that!”

Numerous interrogations were posed to this tweet of hers, asking for validation, but the lady did not respond to that. However, the person mentioned in the tweet himself provided an answer and stated –

“I am not an NRI I stay in India only….no where I’ve mentioned I’m NRI”

Well, as if that slap on the face wasn’t enough, Shehla Rashid took time and responed to this tweet stating –

“I am a Muslim. We don’t lie ;)”

Well, beat THAT!

Or wait, maybe the wink at the end conveys a hidden message that she’s being sarcastic herself, secretly conveying that she is after all nothing but a bundle of lies.

A scroll through her Twitter account and her bio on the internet is sufficient to provide a clear picture of Shehla Rashid’s personality and inclinations. Yes, the woman is a rhetoric orator and is good at what she does, but so are most people of her kind who seek media attention and fame through desperate means. All her ideals have been anti-national, pro-Islamic and even pro-Chinese, and it is a massive surprise to see a bunch of people who agree with her.

Where are we heading under the leadership of the likes of this desperate woman?

Trisha Jay


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