“I am at the mercy of Congress and not 6.5 crore Kannadigas” says CM Kumaraswamy!

Has Kumaraswamy become a puppet in the hands of Congress for power?

During the Karnataka election camapign, the so called Karnataka Premis like Kumaraswamy and his father Deve Gowda had said Prime Minister Modi is a North Indian, BJP is a Northern party and has no love for Karnataka or Kannadigas. These people had called themselves Bhoomi Putra (Son of Soil) and promised that he will work for the people of Karnataka.

But after the Karnataka verdict, the Congress and JdS joined hands together even though they did not get the mandate from people. Just for the sake of power, Kumaraswamy agreed to join hands with Congress which offered him CM post. But unfortunately, the moment Kumaraswamy became the Chief Minister, he has become a puppet in the hands of Congress.

To save his CM chair, Kumaraswamy has given most disgraceful statement saying he is in the mercy of Congress and not 6.5 crores Kannadigas. Speaking to the press he said….“The people of the state rejected me and our party. I had sought an absolute majority. I have heard the statements of farmers’ leaders too and how much they supported me,” he said.

“Mine is not an independent government. I had requested people to give me a mandate that prevents me from succumbing to any pressure other than you. But today, I am at the mercy of the Congress. I am not under the pressure of the 6.5 crore people of the state.”

He indirectly blamed the people of Karnataka for not giving him majority which has literally shocked and irked every Kannadiga. Kumaraswamy should remember that if has got 39 seats in Karnataka, it was because of the Kannadigas and not Congress!

Kumaraswamy during elections campaign had reiterated at least 100 times, that he will clear the farm loans within 24 hours if he becomes CM. But now when he was asked about the farm loan waiver, he has made complete U-turn, saying he cannot waive off farm loan since he has no majority. He also said that he is not in the mercy of people as they did not give him a majority but was in the mercy of Congress.

He said that Congress was against Farm loan waiver as there was no money in the government. The Congress during the campaign also had promised to waive off farm loans if they won elections. If both parties had promised to waive off farm loans, then what is stopping them now when they have formed government together. If Kumaraswamy knew that he wont be able to clear loans in a coalition, then why did he agree to become CM in the first place? Was it just the power that mattered to these people?

Now Kumaraswamy is literally being controlled by Congress which has put forth 30-30 formula in Karnataka. The Congress now wants the CM post for thirty months and is also demanding Finance and the Home ministry which are the key portfolios in any government. The Congress wants to take over finance ministry as Karnataka is the only source of income for the grand old party which is fighting the existential crisis. Kumaraswamy has been called by Rahul Gandhi’s man Gulam Nabi Azad to discuss the 30-30 formula to Delhi.

These two parties have literally made a mockery of democracy. Their true colours are being exposed every day and people are getting frustrated with the turn of events in the government. Within few more days, the people of Karnataka will see worst scenarios as to what level these people will stoop. Already social media is making fun of Kumaraswamy calling him Manmohan Singh in the making!

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