I am working like a Clerk only because of Congress! Reveals Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy

The Congress-JDS alliance in the state of Karnataka is once again on the roller coaster ride. Again the alliance is on the verge of getting shattered. And the reason for this is obviously which is known to everyone. Yes! You are right it is the Congress party

And the shocking part is that this is not revealed by anyone other but the most important person of the alliance, the designated Chief Minister of the state of Karnataka HD Kumaraswamy

During a party meeting yesterday HD Kumaraswamy told JD(S) MLAs and MLCs that he was working like a clerk and not as a Chief Minister. Such shocking comments from the Karnataka Chief Minister came in the wake of “heavy interference” from the Congress in every matter

He added that Congress is forcing him to operate Government according to its will i.e. Congress is pressurising him to do things which benefits them. The CM also expressed his unwillingness to not even counter them and doing all the things as he is told to do. This I am not seeing far from “Robot PM”. By the words of CM HD Kumaraswamy it seems he is also nothing more than the “Accidental CM” or “Robot CM”

CM HD Kumaraswamy further admitted he was working under a lot of pressure and alleged that Congress expect him to behave like a subordinate

“He is sad. He almost cried. He told us that the Congress was behaving like a big brother and forcing him to sign all kinds of orders. They forced him to expand the Cabinet and even appointed chairpersons to government run boards and corporations without his approval. He feels that it is getting tougher with each passing day,” said an MLA who was present in the meeting, according to News18 report

This is not the first time that the CM has aired his grievances about the problem he is facing after forming an alliance with the Congress in the state.

Last year CM Kumaraswamy broke down during a public meeting and said he was not a happy man. The CM compared himself to Lord Shiva who drank poison to save the world. The CM was also reportedly not happy about the number of seats his party had won in the state assembly elections

It is expected that Congress-JDS coalition may collapse after the Lok Sabha elections 2019 scheduled to be held early this year as JDS is not at all happy with the Congress party. JDS is preparing to win more seats in LokSabha Elections and making the party strong in the region.