“I have been carrying this burden for long, I will reveal everything today”: Lal Bahudur Shastri’s assistant before he met with accident!

Lal Bahadur Shastri who is considered one of the finest Prime Minister India ever had unfortunately did not see a peaceful life and death. Even after 50 years of his death, the Nation has not given the tribute he deserves. Shastriji’s untimely demise was the biggest conspiracy cover up by the Indian state.

The strange circumstances which surround his death in a foreign country cannot have been planned without the involvement of INSIDERS! The refusal of the government authorities to conduct a post modern, the consecutive refusals of the successive governments to inquire about the case, the mysterious deaths of Shastri’s close aids before they could testify in Parliament shows that officials were hell bent on silencing all the voices who raised questions on Shastriji’s death.


Kuldip Nayar’s book which has been suppressed for various reasons raises many questions and incidents which show Shastri’s death was not mere a natural incident. He remembers the day when Shastri’s body had been brought to India he had posed the question….Was Shastri poisoned??

He remembers Shastriji’s mother had cried out loud saying Mere bitwa ko jahar de diya!” (My son has been poisoned!). His wife had pointed out that the body had turned bluish with many cuts behind his neck and questioned why wasn’t post-Morten conducted?! Nayar was Shastriji’s media advisor and had accompanied him to Tashkent and was present on the fateful night of Shastri’ji’s death.


Shastri ji on the fate fateful day, was healthy and had no problems, after the historic Tashkent agreement at 4 pm Shastriji returned to his villa and had light meal and which was prepared by Jan Mohammad, personal cook of T.N. Kaul, the Indian Ambassador to Moscow. Siddaharth Singh remembers an incident his mother said, who was the last person to speak to her father Shastriji. She was on phone with her father (Shastri ji) when her husband VN Singh (Employee of State Trading Corporation) was traveling to cairo  where Shastriji was to join him later had told her to ensure her husband (VN Singh) carries Indian newspapers with him. He said he will have a “Glass of Mill and Sleep.” The line suddenly got disconnected and was out of service for almost half an hour. When her daughter called back she was told that her father was DEAD!

The report also says that Jan Mohammad gave Shastri ji milk at around 11.30 pm. When all his personal staff took leave he was fine. At around 1.25 am he was suddenly woken up by profuse coughing and tried calling his personal doctor R.N. Chugh but the phone line was dead and the intercom was not working. So Shastriji had walked out himself to call his personal staff to inform the doctor, but by the time R N Chugh arrived Shastriji was on death throes which apparently looked like a heart attack.

With nothing much to do, the doctor had cried saying “Babuji, you did not give me enough time” But shastriji uttered his last words calling lord Ram and was gone!

No one can imagine that the sitting Prime Minister’s phone lines were dead at the night and there were no personal staff to attend him. The other suspicious event was why did Jan Mohammad personal cook of T.N. Kaul was appointed on that night instead of Shastriji’s personal servant Ram Nath??? Why was there no post-Morten conducted on an untimely death of a sitting Prime Minister??

Even after repeated question and requests, the government showed no interest to solve the mysterious death of Shastriji. Only after the emergency, the Janata government had formed an inquiry called the Ram Narain Inquiry, but it failed to come to any conclusions. The entire report was submitted to parliament which was lost either due to carelessness or on purpose. The documents are said to have burnt down by the successive government.

But there is a very curious series of events which followed the inquiry in 1977. The two people R N Chugh, Shastriji’s personal doctor and Ram Nath, servant were told to testify the incidents on the days of Shastriji’s death in Parliament. R N Chugh was traveling to Delhi by road to attend the Parliament session, when he was hit mysteriously by a truck in which he, his wife were both were killed. Only his daughter survived the accident. Ram Nath came to Delhi and visited Shastriji’s wife and confessed saying “Bahut Din Ka Bojh Tha, Amma Aaj Sab Bata Denge” (I have been carrying this burden for long, I will reveal everything today) Ram Nath left from Motilal Nehru residence to his way to Parliament. He was hit by a moving vehicle and his legs were crushed which were later amputated and was reported to have lost memory…..Co-incidence???

Two conspiracies theories surround the death of Shastriji, one is that his death was linked to the Nuclear weapon development to which Nehru and Pakistan completely opposed. Shastriji wanted to make India a powerful country by giving free hand to scientists which was not well received by America as well. The death of great Indian scientist Vikram Sarabhai and Homi J Baba also is linked with the Nuclear deal! The other theory is the link with Netaji’s Death story. It was told that Shastri ji in Russia had found solid evidence of Netaji’s whereabouts and was set to make an announcement very soon.

Refer to the below article how Scientists death was linked with Nuclear deal!

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Anuj Dhar who has been constantly working on Netaji’s death conspiracy had written to PMO in 2009 asking to declassify all files related to Shastriji. To which PMO had given the most bizarre and unconvincing reply “Prejudicially affect the sovereignty and integrity of the country, the security, strategic, scientific or economic interest of the state, relation with foreign state or lead to incitement of an offence.”  Letter seemed to describe the VERBAL DIARRHEA with all big words in the dictionary. Whose security, what scientific and economic interests was the congress government talking about???

Even today Shastriji’s family has the blood soaked clothes of his, which he wore on the day of his death. The country still wants to know why was there blood on his shirt, if he died of heart attack!

As days passed, the entire story was buried, witnesses killed and documents burnt…While India’s greatest Prime Minister Shastri ji could not get the due he deserved, the prime suspect Jan Mohammed was recruited in Rashtrapati Bhavan in later days.

Shastri ji’s soul still awaits for justice even after 50 years of his death! Doesn’t  India owe an apology for failing Lal Bahudur Shastri on every aspect???

Source: http://www.sanskritimagazine.com/history/lal-bahadur-shastri-simple-life-mysterious-death/

Aishwarya S