Was IAS officer Anurag Tewari investigating major corruption in CM Siddaramaiah’s ‘Anna Bhagya’ Scheme?

Recently Anurag Tewari,the IAS officer posted in Karnataka died mysteriously in Uttar Pradesh. Initially everyone believed that it was a natural death caused due to cardiac arrest. But now there has been huge speculations about his sudden demise.

Lately there have been reports that his death may be linked to massive scam in Karnataka which he was reportedly investigating. His colleagues and family members have given statements that he had recently unearthed a massive Rs 2000 crore scam related to food and civil supplies in Karnataka. It is said that few of his colleagues knew that he was threatened various times and his superior officer had instructed him to drop the investigation.

However, Tewari went ahead with the investigation which had revealed involvement of various ministers in this massive scam. According to few reports which were disclosed yesterday by Kannada channels, it is said that the Karnataka government wanted to purchase huge amount of pulses and grains under the Anna bhagya scheme even when there was enough stock available. The ministers wanted to call for a tender to get funds released by the government. The government did not want to distribute the stock of grains to poor people but wanted to claim that stock was over and buy new stock under fake tender. It seems this Anurag Tewari opposed the move of the governmnet which had caused massive 2000 crore to state and complained about the scam to his superiors.

But it is told his superiors and the government did not take any action against the food and civil supplies ministry asked him to drop the case. Tewari who was posted to the food and civil supplies 4 months back had shared his problems to one of his friends where he claimed he was under tremendous pressure and wanted to quit the department.

Now the family members have also reiterated that their son was facing threat from few powerful politicians in Karnataka and wanted to quit. It has now been reported that Anurag Tewari was not even paid for last 5 months by the government. Reports suggest that his salary was deliberately being withheld to pressurize him to drop case.

The death of IAS officers have become very common in Karnataka ever since the Congress government came to power. A thorough investigation must be conducted to know what was the actual death cause of Anurag Tewari.

Aishwarya S