If China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka attack India at the same time, how long will it take them to defeat India?

A war with a nation at one time can be understood but one against three only speaks about the might of this great country- INDIA!

It takes a lot of efforts to be at such great heights. It takes immense hard work and team that builds a nation. India has an immense history of its own in all fields- Culture, Tradition, Trade, Defence, Economy and Industry. Rich heritage and wealth was once taken by the British though, the goodwill could never be got down. India is as huge as Indians hearts.

Well, we Indians are proud of our Soldiers and Indian Army and there is no second thought about it. Our Indian Army men are those unsung heroes, who do not expect any praising’s or award recognition for sacrifice. They are the ones who do not display their level of sacrifice and dedication what they serve the country. We solely trust our Soldiers brothers, to protect us as a family.

Today, what I went through was this question: What if China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka join hands to defeat India? What damage can they cause? How long will it take them to defeat India?

Let’s begin with China. China has only two points of entry for its ground force offensive against India (1st) through Ladakh (2nd) through Arunachal Pradesh and no not through Nepal (Nepal won’t allow this and it’s just not really possible for a massive ground force to get through the mountain ranges of Himalayas especially when there are no motorable roads).

So in case of Ladakh, they can be easily repealed by a handful of well-placed regiments. Such is the nature of the Himalayas. It could be one of the most naturally defended place on Earth and the hardest to mount any meaningful offense, so Ladakh will become a slaughter house very fast as after a few bouts into the mountains it won’t matter how many troops come in, they will be slaughtered.

Arunachal Pradesh has just recently started to develop infrastructure. It was not because India lacked the funds to build roads but because it was left to the wild as it is hardly defensible from our side and the perfect place for China to mount an offensive into India.

So the basic strategy of India was if we can’t exactly defend it let’s make it hard for them to come in and this would delay the Chinese advance just enough to allow Indian Army to regroup in Sikkim and Bhutan (Yes, the Indian Army has a considerable presence in Bhutan) which happens to be the best place for the Indians to mount an offensive (towards the north-east) into China and cut off the logistical support lines of the Chinese troops in north-east India. This makes ground forces quite evenly matched.

Air forces of the two countries, however, are in no way evenly matched. Two aircraft carrier battle groups which will be handy in the Bay of Bengal and their proximity to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were due to its strategic location it’s fairly easy to fend off a larger Naval force from ever entering the Bay of Bengal. This choke point if used properly can potentially bring China to its knees. Also, it helps us that most of the nations in that region are not very fond of the Chinese either so they could be persuaded to provide intelligence.

Coming to Pakistan, it has no direct advantage with respect to India but still, a sizable no. of Indian forces (Air, Navy and Army) will be engaged with China which makes it a bit harder to beat Pakistan but not really hard enough. Pakistan only holds one point of advantage in the Kashmir region which it will exploit and a sizable no. of its forces will engage the Indian Armed forces there whose objective will be to cut off our supply lines to our troops engaged with China in Ladakh.

This will have to be defended until our ground forces can mount an offensive through Rajasthan and penetrate into Pakistan and with a population as volatile as of Pakistan it’s quite possible to involve Balochistan rebels and Sindhi rebels into a freedom bid which will really be quite embarrassing for Pakistan.

On the other hand, Sri Lanka is not much of a threat and Indian Navy has been organised in an efficient manner to tackle Sri Lankan army if they stood against us and as said Tamil minority will have the advantage to take out the entire country with the help of India. India can also expect a helping hand from the USA, though it may not directly help India but will provide reasonable intervention through arms and ammunition supply and alongside will try to counter Pakistan from its bases in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s threat of attack is too old to be scared off. India does not need to put much effort to fight Pakistan as Afghan forces will help India in invading Pakistan from the North West Frontier and will make Pakistan further weak. So this will actually become the expansion of Indian Territory in one sense. 

Most importantly, there will be Internal uprisings from various factions in China. Once the war starts all 3 countries will send their best resources to protect the border leaving vulnerable ones behind. India may not be frivolous to lose any territory due to internal conflict, except Kashmir, that too is an exception. India is likely to use Vietnam to its help but China, on the other hand, doesn’t have an ally that would do the same, except Pakistan.

So right now much of the game is in India’s favour owing to the strategic dominance of India in the Asia and Indian Ocean. Forget the rest, I am confident enough that after tolerating 800 years of Mughal invasion and 200 years of British atrocities, Indians are now not ready to tolerate any other attack on their mother land. One more attack or war will be a disastrous result on the country. Indians, as well as Indian Army, will not spare enemies who think off causing harm to the country.




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