If i was in power, i wouldn’t have allowed to kill Hizbul terrorists Burhan Wani: Senior Congress leader

Tomorrow is the death anniversary of the notorious terrorists Burhan Wani and Congress is all set to celebrate it royally. It seems like the Congress has not been able to come out from the shock of Burhan Wani’s death.

Today a senior Congress leader of Jammu and Kashmir, Saifuddin Soz said “I would have kept Burhan Wani alive for dialogue, if it was in my hands.” He further added that if Burhan Wani was kept alive then it would have helped India and Pakistan in maintaining peace.

This statement was expected from a leader who belongs to Congress party. Congress insulted the Indian Army chief so this was statement wasn’t a surprise.

Hizbul terrorist Burhan Wani was killed on July 8 last year and after that, erupted a series of violence which claimed the life of nearly 78 people including 2 police personnel. Curfew was imposed for 53 consecutive days.

Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-taiba have killed 16 civilians and 57 security personnel this year alone and this Congress leader want to have dialogue with them. This is really shameful.

The anti-nationals have planned to celebrate Burhan’s death anniversary tomorrow, so the J&K police had banned the social networks but today it was lifted.

In London, few terrorist sympathizers had decided to celebrate ‘Burhan Wani Day’ but as India opposed strongly, the Birmingham City council withdrew the permission.

Now the voters of Congress are confused; they are unsure of whether they voted for Indian National Congress or Pakistani National Congress. What kind of dialogue should take place between a terrorist nation (Pakistan) and India? A terrorist holds a gun in his and he should be answered through a gun only.

It is really sad that just for political mileage the Congress party is insulting the sacrifices of soldiers and supporting the terrorists.

Why is Rahul Gandhi silent?

Congress leaders in their dream imagine that Rahul will definitely be the next Indian Prime Minister of India. But Rahul Gandhi is a person who don’t have spine to talk against the enemies of India. He is a person who doesn’t have determination to develop Indian but is an expert in enjoying his life in foreign nations with the money which his family has gathered through various scams.

Will Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi act against these kinds of shameless statements or is it true that , Saifuddin Soz is giving out such kind of statements on clear instructions of Congress high command?

Nishika Ram