If PM Modi has indulged in corruption in Rafale, why is Rahul Gandhi not filing case in court?

Since 2-3 days, Rahul Gandhi has been ranting nonsense on Rafale deal and calling Prime Minister Modi will uncultured words and literally stooped to a level of abusing him. Without providing any proof or authentic documents, Rahul Gandhi has made a habit of spreading lies repeatedly just because he believes that no one can question him.

It is very clear that the Rafale deal signed by the present Modi government has no flaws and was done with a sole intention of getting the fighter aircrafts to IAF as soon as possible given the critical situation of the Indian Air Force in 2014. The Rafale jets signed by Modi government covers all the weapons package, logistic support or supplies for aircraft, up-gradation lethal weapons package, performance-based logistical support, 13 India-specific capabilities, associated supplies and the works which the Congress completely ignored to include in their deal.

Despite every document being transparent and clear, Rahul Gandhi is hell bent to spread fake news that Modi government indulged in crony capitalism and are continuing their attack every day.

But what is to be noted here is Rahul Gandhi who claims that PM Modi never looks at him in the eyes, doesn’t answer his questions on Rafale has never dared to approach the court if he is sure that there was corruption.

Rahul Gandhi who claims that PM Modi gifted Rs 45,000 crore to Ambanis which resulted in corruption, has never spoken about going to court. Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi and his party demanded JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) and CVC (central Vigilance Commission) probe into Rafale deal but never uttered a word about court case…why??

Not many people know that few days back, Congressman and close aide of Rahul Gandhi Tehseen Poonawala filed a PIL in the Supreme Court requesting the courts to disclose the real prices of the Rafale jets.

But immediately Congress party had issued a statement saying that the PIL was filed by Tehseen Poonawala on his personal capacity and the Congress party had no connection with the PIL. Reiterating their stand, the Congress said that they were not even remotely connected to the PIL and had no interest or concern to know the rates.

This was a clear indication that Congress never wants the real rates of the Rafale deal to be publicized as till will make them stand naked in front of the country. They very well know that the rates of the Rafale quoted by Congress were far greater than what Modi government struck the deal with. So all they want is create a fake perception that Modi government indulged in corruption and favoured few businessman.

But in reality, it was the Congress government which wanted the Rafale deal to be signed with a company which belonged to Robert Vadra’s close aide and arms dealer Sanjay Bandhari. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi had tried their best to strike a deal with Dassault and Sanjay Bandhari who is not just an arms dealer but a fugitive and is wanted by the Indian government under officials secrets act.

It is clear that what Rahul Gandhi wants is just a hype and not a real probe. The reason he is demanding JPC and CVC probe is because here he doesn’t have to submit proof and continue to accuse the government with false charges. But in court he will have to provide sufficient evidence for the case to be registered which obviously he cannot.

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