If “Unemployment” led youths to join “ISIS”, then Rahul Gandhi should have been its Supreme Commander!

At one end the Prime Minister of India is trying by all means to increase the brand value of India in the world so that the NRIs could walk with their heads held high. But at another end Rahul Gandhi, who is the Prime Ministerial aspirant is trying hard to defame India in foreign platforms with his senseless talk shows.

At least due to PM Modi India is rising to the heights of other superpower nations but Rahul Gandhi is destroying the hard works of PM Modi and is trying to portray that he is the only good man (boy) in India. And the Indians can’t deny that he is denting India’s image big time.

When Kerala and Kodagu were literally submerged in flood, the very own son of Kerala Mr Shashi Tharoor and India’s wannabe son Rahul Gandhi’s behaviour were really disgusting and suspicious. After the flood, in whichever foreign land the duo landed, they defamed India to the core.

The Congress party celebrated like it was a premature Deepawali when Rahul Gandhi said that India failed to manage the Doklam conflict. But in the same event when Rahul Gandhi was questioned on how he would have handled the standoff, the 48 year old youth icon said “I do not have details of Doklam so I cannot answer how I would have handled it differently”. Still Rahul Gandhi is considered as a mature politician by the loyalists of the Gandhi dynasty.

This is not the first time that Rahul Gandhi landed up himself in embarrassing situation. The 131 billion Indians still get jolted when they imagine how India would look like if it’s ruled by this man who belonged to the 132 year old Congress party.

Rahul Gandhi’s statement that joblessness leads to ISIS had put several families into a worried atmosphere. The political analysts had started to speculate on Rahul Gandhi’s ISIS remark; whether this is a Muslim appeasement move or to lend support to the ISIS.

PM Modi will be rock solid in India until Rahul Gandhi roams as a janeu dhari Brahmin in India and as an ISIS spokesperson in foreign soil. Clearly there is a lot of difference to the perspective of a man who grew up selling tea and the man who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

India’s population had crossed 130 billion and if we consider that even if approximately 10 percent of Indians are jobless then there will be around 13 crore jobless youths. So according to Rahul Gandhi, these many youths belong to ISIS. If these 13 crore Indians have had joined ISIS after getting inspired by Rahul Gandhi, then forget India, the entire world could have been destroyed.

At one end PM Modi is working towards creating 2 crore employments every year in India by promoting “Make in India” and at other end he is inspiring youths to take self-employment with the help of MUDRA scheme. But Rahul Gandhi’s men are busy mocking all these revolutionary schemes.

Till date the Congress party was taunting at the pro-youth schemes but now they have moved one step ahead by creating employment in terrorist organisation ISIS. But today I’ll introduce you few of the individuals who could have had joined ISIS but due to their will power and determination, changed their future.

In Google just type “Sandeep Maheshwari” and you can see his videos that are viewed by millions. But the same guy was a college dropout but now he is not just a motivational speaker but also the founder of the website Image Bazar that has the largest collection of stock images.

Even the story of Vishwa Kalyan, who was thrown out of his job just after three months, is inspiring. For the next 2 years he roamed jobless and even went into depression. Due to this tough phase, he got leaner and leaner and his voice had changed and he used this transformation to become a popular comedian. But he never joined ISIS during his tough days of unemployment.

Have you heard of Theerthahalli Vishwanath, the man who left his diploma course after his lecturer had scolded him? After quitting college he didn’t join ISIS but determined to invent a machine that would peel areca nut that was produced in his village. He went on to export that machine to five nations. Recently he even opened a large factory solely to manufacture bikes that are run on battery.

At the age of 12, Kalpana Saroj had given a thought to commit suicide as she was unable to tolerate the torture given by her husband and mother-in law. But her will power within didn’t let her bow down as she decided to start a knitting business using the government funds. She went on to give employments to several as she diversified her business.

Her confidence grew so high that she even purchased an iron company which was in loss, made it profitable and started to give salary to its employees who were earlier denied salaries for months. But according to Rahul Gandhi’s mentality she should have been a slave of ISIS.

We would have never got one of the greatest actor named Akshay Kumar if he got satisfied in his earlier dream of being a chef or Mukesh Ambani who dropped out from his management degree and went on to become the richest Indian.

Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar and many more dropouts shaped their future without joining ISIS. Wipro’s Azeem Prem Ji’s story is not different who founded a company at a very young age. Unemployment is a part of everyone’s life but encouraging them to join ISIS is really pathetic.

Many engineers are seen in Ramakrishna Ashrams, MBBS graduates are seen in RSS; needless to say that they are not employed here but are volunteers. These get a kind of satisfaction which is not found anywhere else.

A man who lost job in 23 years, at 26 years he lost the girl whom he loved, at 29 he lost an opportunity to become a speaker at the Senate, at 39 he lost an opportunity to become a commissioner and at 49 he faced yet another defeat. But at 52 he became the President of United States of America and he is not other than Abraham Lincoln. He never joined ISIS when he was jobless and tasted regular defeats.

Why to give examples of someone else; let us talk about Rahul Gandhi. He has nothing to brag about other than his dynasty name. Neither has he had mental ability to portray himself as a leader nor he has credible evidence to prove that he is a graduate.

Rahul Gandhi is a man who failed in every aspect of his life and we have to agree that there are far more eligible leaders in Congress party compared to Rahul Gandhi. The Modi-Shah duo ensured that Rahul Gandhi would never ever taste victory unless they are in the game of politics. Yet Rahul Gandhi didn’t join ISIS and this must be an inspiration to crores of unemployed youths out there. Perhaps to stop the unemployed Rahul Gandhi from joining the ISIS, the Congress party made them their President.

Indians might forget whatever blunders of Rahul Gandhi but they will never forget the insult done to India by Rahul Gandhi on foreign soil. And Rahul Gandhi will definitely be punished for his motor-mouth.

We Indians saw tears rolling down from the eyes of athlete Hima Das when the national anthem was played. If Rahul Gandhi had atleast 1 percent of her patriotism, then he would have never insulted India.

Source and Credits: yuvalive.net

Chakravarthi Sulibele