If you don’t obey, will transfer You!!! This is how Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy threatens IAS Officer

Is this the way of Karnataka Government to work? Not much days has passed since Congress –JDS alliance have formed government in Karnataka against the mandate of the people that the coalition government has started to show its true colours. The age-old philosophy which Congress Government has been following since long of suppressing the voice of officials have started again.

Now under the wrath of this newly formed Government is a senior IAS officer Munish Moudgil, husband of IPS officer D Roopa who has earlier exposed the corrupt Karnataka Congress Government so many times. Moudgil is known for his reputation as being an upright IAS officer. The election commission of India appointed him as the excise commissioner on April 17 to ensure that the department is managed in an unbiased manner. Earlier, Moudgil had served as the Commissioner of Survey, Settlement and Land Records in Bengaluru.: (Republic World)

As per reports Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has threatened the official that he will transfer or even suspend him if he does not implement his orders. Actually, Moudgil has not allowed the reversing transfers of government employees, who were on election duty due to which  Kumaraswamy is upset with Moudgil.

They say, when certain people get power in their hands, they got so immersed in the lust of power that they forget everything and start enforcing their power on others and start misusing it also. Same is happening with the Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy.

The Chief Minister not only threatened the official but also disrespected the bureaucrats by saying that bureaucrats are not above the government, if they don’t obey the orders then they have to get transferred to a less significant department. He also emphasized that it is the duty of bureaucrats to follow the Government’s order.

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“Most of the requests for transfer came from the excise department. I agreed to transfer them back to their previous departments. Twice I’ve got complaints that the transfer order wasn’t implemented. Honesty isn’t enough, senior bureaucrats must also have some humanity. My advice to them is please be more humane. If you’re honest and yet you act negatively then we may have to transfer you to a department which has lesser significance. They’re not above the government. They have to implement the government’s order, it’s their duty. I’ll wait till Monday and take a call,” said Kumaraswamy.

According to sources, several women officials met Kumaraswamy and complained that though the Assembly elections were over, Moudgil had not reversed their transfers. As a result, they had not been able to go back to their original postings. It is not that officer Moudgil is against the transfers and doing all this with any deliberate purpose. According to sources Moudgil had maintained that the transfers would be reversed but it would be reversed only afterwards as the state is currently undergoing the MLC elections.(Deccan Herald)

The Chief Minister before threatening the official and teaching him the lessons on bureaucracy must have enquired with him at first instance regarding what is the matter and why he is delaying the transfers. Though no action has been taken against the officer as yet, official sources confirmed that he would face disciplinary action if he didn’t reverse the transfers immediately.

Source : Republic World

Deccan Herald