I’m A Law and CA Topper, What Are You? I have not learnt well the art of living without working! Railway Minister Piyush Goyal to Rahul Gandhi

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had slammed Rahul Gandhi by saying “I challenge you (Rahul Gandhi) to speak for 15 minutes on the achievements of your government in Karnataka without reading from any piece of paper. You can speak in Hindi, English or your mother tongue (Italian)”. Now its the turn of Railway Minister Piyush Goyal.

“I am a law topper, CA 2nd rank all over India”, this is how Mr Goyal mocked Rahul Gandhi and his team. Since days, the Congress is seeking the resignation of the railway minister claiming that he was a part of a scam. But today the law minister carried out an aggressive attack on not just Rahul Gandhi but even former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram.

Here’s what the Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said,

  • I am a law topper, CA 2nd rank all over India, professional Chartered Accountant and investment banker and therefore competent to give consultancy. Mr P Chidambaram, who are the consultants in your son Karti Chidambaram’s consultancy?
  • Till 26th May 2014, before I became a Minister, I was a professional Chartered Accountant and investment banker. Unlike you, Mr Rahul Gandhi, I have not learnt well the art of living without working. I am also a kaamdaar (worker) and not a naamdaar (dynast).

This scathing attack was made on Rahul Gandhi after he attacked Goyal by saying “Piyush Goyal’s, 48 CR. Flash Net Scam is about deceit, conflict of interest and greed. The evidence is on the table. Yet, the media will not touch the story. It is a tragedy for our country when journalists entrusted to stand for the truth, will not speak”.

Rahul Gandhi had also made a hit and run job by saying “It’s no secret that CA Piyush Goyal, the BJP Treasurer, has pried open the doors of every major corporate house for PM Modi. How then will the PM act against this Minister, caught red handed, misusing his power for 48 Cr. of personal gain?”.

But now, Rahul Gandhi needs to answer how he pays for his month-long secret foreign trips, even though he doesn’t have any job or family business. Piyush Goyal is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and an investment banker, so its normal to have heavy transactions taking place with firms. But how Rahul Gandhi manages to lead a luxury life? Its Rahul Gandhi accountable and not CA Piyush Goyal.

What are the allegations made by Congress on Piyush Goyal?

The Congress party is alleging that Piyush Goyal was the chairman and whole-time director of Shirdi Industries from 25 April 2008 to 1 July 2010 during which the company took a loan of Rs 258.62 crores from a consortium of banks headed by the Union Bank of India.

Now the claim of Congress is that Goyal resigned from the company’s board and the company was subsequently declared sick due to its inability to repay loans. But 65 percent of the outstanding loan amount of Rs 651.87 crore waived after the Modi government came to power, claimed the Congress.

But Piyush Goyal rubbishes the claims of Congress and dismissed the relentless attack made by Congress by calling it as ‘baseless’ and ‘malicious’ and part of a ‘political hit job’. Reacting to the allegations made by Congress party, the BJP also responded saying “This sale was made at full market value as per third party, independent, expert valuation and the entire sale value was received in the bank before submitting the declaration and was fully reflected in the value of assets submitted”.

The article targeting CA Piyush Goyal was originally published by the website “The Wire” that had previously faced 100 crore defamation charge by Amit Shah’s son jay Shah. If indeed there was any irregularities made by Piyush Goyal then why don’t the Congress party file a case and prove it in the court of law?

The Congress is making an attempt to ride on the rumors at the time of elections and score some political point.

Hansika Raj