I’m a bigger Lion than PM Modi, says Rajdeep Sardesai. Check how Twitteratis hammered him

‘Iss Jungle Mein Hum do Sher, Chal Ghar Jaldi Rajdeep ho gaya fail.’ Rajdeep Sardesai one of the key news brokers in India, took to twitter (probably in an inebriated state) to call himself a lion. He even went on to compare himself with PM Modi. Looks like Rajdeep hasn’t forgotten the Madison Square incident where he was honoured with public appreciation (Mawali Rajdeep). Two of the biggest man-made disasters; Rajdeep & Barkha have not been able to move beyond 2002, whereas the Nation has already embraced ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.’

The comparison is probably a bigger flop than KRK’s DeshDrohi. PM Modi is making waves all over the world. He has seen an unmatched fan following & Rajdeep is witnessing unparalleled trolling on social media. Rajdeep had tried very hard to defame PM Modi. After PM Modi was given a clean chit by the Apex court, Modi’s graph has been on the rise. Rajdeep, on the contrary is now pretty desperate for a Modi interview. But his current situation is that bad that even Lalit Modi may not give him an interview.

People are well aware of the fact that Rajdeep cannot even be compared to a dog (faithful animal). Rajdeep could be compared with inferior wild animals that bank on their sly nature to prey on domestic animals.

Rajdeep’s self- embarrassing tweet

Check how Modi’s fans & patriots pummeled him

Best of lick, Rajdeep. You may now go and lick your masters.

Alok Shetty