Imagine if this statement was made by any BJP person, the media would have created a ‘Hungama’….Read what Mayawati said!

Today, the country saw the most historic win of the BJP in the state of Uttar Pradesh. No party had ever got such huge mandate since 1977 and hence its broken all previous records and emerged as the largest party with absolute majority.

Out of 384 seats contested by the BJP, they have won 324 seats which is a huge victory. The SP, Congress and BSP have been completely decimated in a Namo Tsunami. It is the duty of every person, every leader and every party to accept the people’s mandate and the verdict.

But looks like Mayawati has still not understood the reality of the situation and is speaking nonsense. Today in a press conference she made most bizarre statement saying that “Results are Unacceptable, the only way BJP could have won this elections is because they have tampered the EVM machines” She also said that Modi and Shah have cheated the people by tampering the machine.

She made baseless allegations saying the EVM machine were voting for BJP no matter which button was pressed. She brazenly says that Election Commission also was involved in this act and has not taken any actions against the BJP.

The worst part was she said “Where are all the Muslims vote we got, how did Muslims vote for BJP”, There is no way that Muslims can vote for BJP!” No person had ever made such ridiculous and shameless comment before. Is she threatening and blaming those Muslims who voted for BJP? Is there any law which says that Muslims should not vote for BJP?

The media doesn’t question her for making such idiotic statement. Imagine if BJP had made similar statement asking all Hindus to vote for BJP…The media would have created a big hue-cry about the issue.

Mayawati should feel ashamed for her comments. The simple logic she doesn’t understand is if BJP was capable of tampering EVM machnies in UP, then why did not they do it in Punjab or Goa or Manipur? They could have got majority there as well! Mayawati who is unable to digest the fact that her relevance in UP is diminishing day by day since the time of Lok Sabha elections is trying desperately to keep herself in the lime light. The demonetization was another massive blow to her and her illegally snatched black money which was meant for UP elections. Internal sources said that in most of the places her party cadres were demoralized completely and did not work on ground.

For Mayawati it is a tough task ahead, since it is highly difficult for her to remain relevant in the electoral politics for the next 5 years. She has no MP’s in Lok Sabha, she will lose more in Rajya Sabha after the UP defeat. So the frustration and desperation has made her lose her mind and speak nonsense.

Akhilesh Yadav was no less, he started blaming the people of UP for choosing BJP. He shamelessly said only a party which lies and fools people can win….Does he mean he fooled people and lied to them when he won the 2012 elections.

It is better these people stop ranting nonsense and accept the defeat and the mandate of people. This is a democracy and people’s verdict is the final say and so it is not good to insult people and blame them for the choice.

Aishwarya S