Scientific reasons which brief the importance of Cow (Gomata) for the survival of Mankind

“Tractor doesn’t give you fertilizers, but cow dung does.”

Yes, this one statement could stand up for every definition of the lives of entire mankind. Do you know why it is more scientific than religious? Do you know why it is more efficient for farmers and agricultural needs? Do you know how nutritious their products are? Do you know the advantages of A2 milk?

The national bureau of animal genetic research recently demonstrated the superior milk quality of Indian cattle breeds. After scanning 22 cattle native breeds, they concluded that the status of A2 allele of the beta-casein genre was 100 percent. The pure Indian breed desi cow produces A2 milk, which contains less beta-cosmo phorine-7, as opposed to the hybrid cows which generally produces A1 milk.

NBAGR concluded that 100 percent of milk of Desi cattle breeds contains the A2 allele making it richer in nutrients and much healthier than the milk of exotic cattle breeds.

As per Ayurvedic treatment, cow ghee helps in the growth and development of children’s brain regular consumption increases good cholesterol.
 Sweets made of organic A2 milk products are rich in nutrition.
 Stimulates digestion and aids absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.
 An excellent anti ageing vegetarian food which helps to nourishes the skin.
 Drinking desi cow’s milk compensates nutritional components of a missed balanced diet.
 Good for kidney, and a rich source of Vitamins like A, B2, B3 etc, which increases immunity and reduces the acidity, reduces the chances of peptic ulcer etc-
 Ayurvedic Medicines which are very helpful in curing Sugar, Arthritis, Asthma, Phthisis and to cure more than 84 diseases use Cow’s urine.
 Cow dung is helpful in producing Methane gas which’s eco-friendly.
 Fertilizers prepared using Cow dung acts as Pesticides.
 Nearly 80% of the farmers are depending on Cow and bullocks for their land work.

Aged bullocks are as healthier as young bullocks. The ages bullocks are fit to work for 6 hours per day as morning and afternoon shifts of three hours. Butchers try hard to convince farmers that its better to slaughter them because Indian farmers aren’t eligible to maintain. But, cow yields products other than milk which is valuable and saleable.

Besides these, do you know how they are helping our economy of the nation?

A living healthy desi cow offers Seven litres of milk daily. At present, 1 lit of milk costs Rs.40/- and for one year, it costs Rs.1,02,200/- Gives 10kg cow dung daily.

With I kg cow dung, 33 litres of fertilizer is made, I kg fertilizers cost Rs.10/- which means 10 kg Gobar gives 33*10 = 330 litres of fertilizer. The total income is 330 litres * 365 days * Rs.10 fertilizer per kg costs 12,04,500Rs.

Gives nearly 3 litres of Cow urine daily:

I kg cow urine is sold for nearly Rs.600/- per litre as a minimum cost to the companies for medical purpose. Then, 3 litres of Cow urine = 3 * 600 *365 = 6,57,000Rs. Apart from these, selling of milk, ghee, butter gives revenue of approximate 20 lacs (minimum). When a healthy desi cow lives for 20 years, she gives revenue of 4 crores of rupees with an investment of hardly 2 lacs of rupees based on expenses.

Besides these, A1 milk, ghee, butter, fertilize which used in food growth, plantations gives you healthy and organic food with medicine. What else do you need to prove that a cow helps our nation in the development of the economy and moreover foreign countries importing our desi cow’s products for the maximum cost?

If you are drinking A1 milk, the chances are that in the long term you are likely to suffer from allergies, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Using inorganic milk causes kidney failure, high blood pressure, the mental disorder in old age, metabolic degenerative disease, Autism, Diabetes type – 1 in children, lack of nutrition, heart
diseases, cancer and so many diseases even you cannot imagine.

Last Drop :

What are we giving for next generation? A handful of inorganic products? An environment where carbon-di-oxide on high rate? A world which suffers from lack of nutrition? Do we at least care for our next generation?  Look around. You will find children suffering from lack of nutrition. The world falls if we only care about the present. If you want to give peaceful future to our next generation, we must learn to think, we must stop slaughtering of cow and bullocks for peaceful and healthy future. Rest of the world are trying hard to get Indian desi cows in their countries so that high-quality A2 milk is consumed by them. But, here in India, we are mocking our luck by slaughtering our blessed desi cows.

Indian desi cows names for your reference :

Amrithmahal, Hallikar, Tharparkar, Hariana, Umblachery, Javari, Baraguru, Kangayam, Deoni, Kankrej, Krishna Valley, Ongole, Pulilulam, Red Kandhari, Belahi, Motu, Mewati, Vechur, Bachaur, Goulava, Gir, Gangatheeri, Kasaragodu, Dangi, Kenkatha, Kherigarh, Khillari, Nimari, Nagori, Malvi, Malenaadu Gidda, Ponwar, Kosali, Ghumsuri, Binjrapuri, Khariyar, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Rathi and Siri.

Source ; Haribhakth

– Sushmitha Saptharshi