Why Was Ajit Doval Arrested by Mumbai Police in 2005???

It was before 2005, during the Vajpayee government the serious plan on nabbing Dawood Ibrahim was planned. Before 2005, there were six attempts made to arrest Dawood Ibrahim which were mostly not effective.

But the most sophisticated and serious planning was during 2004. The team which was formed to nab the most wanted terrorist of the world was headed by none other than present National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval! This information was completely kept secret until last year when former home secretary R K Singh who is presently BJP member revealed this information to the media.

In the year 2005, Dawood Ibrahim’s daughter Mahrukh’s wedding was planned with famous Pakistani cricketer Javid Maindad’s son Junaid. The majestic wedding reception was planned on July 23, 2005 in the Grand –Hyatt Hotel in Dubai. Ajit Doval who was the then Director of Intelligence Bureau had received prior information that Dawood Ibrahim is said to attend the weeding in Dubai. Although there were no confirmations, the inputs received by the IB were highly reliable.



Ajit Doval considered there cannot be better opportunity to nab Dawood Ibrahim than this. Immediately a team was formed with intelligent officers who could gather best and reliable information on the plans of Dawood Ibrahim. There were two speculations in the matter….One is that a Nikkah (Marriage ceremony) will be held on July 9th in Mecca and another reception is scheduled on 23th July and Dawood will be only attending the Nikka in Mecca. But the Indian Intelligence had received information that Dawood would attend both the events.

Based on these information’s, Ajit Doval laid out a master strategy to nab Dawood Ibrahim. But reports suggest that it was not a plan to just NAB Dawood but to ELIMINATE him! Ajit Doval was very cautious and knew there were many insiders working for Dawood and it would be disaster if anything goes wrong and hence he did not hire Indian Commandos for the top job. Instead he nabbed few of Chota Rajan’s right hand man in Mumbai. Chota Rajan had parted ways with Dawood Ibrahim after the 1993 blast and was looking for an opportunity to take revenge.

Ajit Doval got Vicky Malhotra, Farid Tanasha and many other underworld people arrested in a very short span. However nobody had the slightest idea that these people were Commandos for Ajit Doval.  Vicky Malhotra and Farid Tanasha were trained well for the execution of Dawood.


Vicky and Farid

Two weeks before the attack, the IB and police kept a very close vigil and tapped all the phones of possible Ibrahim contacts in the business sector, bollywood and politicians. The media was very quick to notice these developments and immediately linked it to the arrest of many Chota Rajan’s men to Dawood’s daughter wedding. A report says that one afternoon when Ajit Doval was briefing Rajan Gang members, Kamlakar’s Mumbai Police team had barged into the room when they saw three intelligence officers had a blue print of the Grant-Hyatt hotel finalizing the positions to place SHARPSHOOTERS.

This was the very incident which leaked the biggest covert operation to eliminate Dawood. Immediately after this incident on July 11th the Mumbai police traveled to Delhi suddenly and arrested Vickey Malhotra when he was driving through Central Delhi. Along with him was traveling none other than the Chief of Intelligence Bureau Ajit Doval, who was also arrested.

Vicky Malhotra was produced in court with charges of murders, smuggling extortion.  Ajit Doval was freed later. 

After this incident the entire picture was clear that Ajit Doval had set VICKY MALHOTRA to KILL Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai during his daughter’s wedding.  Ajit Doval acted as a conduit between the IB and Malhotra to eliminate Dawood.

The Mumbai Police was either informed by Ibrahim’s men and the entire IB operation was foiled. Investigations were conducted which revealed that a police officer called Aslam Momin who was regarded as the Encounter Specialist may have leaked the information to Dawood who tipped off Mumbai police to arrest Vicky Malhotra and foil the plan of his murder.

The investigations also revealed that Momin had huge underworld connections and was also involved in eliminating many Dawood’s rivals in the name of encounter. Later some reports had also mentioned that Dawood did attend the reception and wedding in a fake name carrying a Pakistani passport. None of the Indian media was allowed near the Hyatt Hotel where the reception was held.

It is also said that the media on purpose made the issue go public and speculate the possible murder of Dawood, to alert him indirectly. It was the biggest sabotage by the insiders which gave Dawood second life. Ajit Dova’s hard work had gone in vain. It was a Golden opportunity missed, ever since then, the world is completely off record on Dawood’s whereabouts and still hasn’t got a chance to nab him dead or alive.

Read Entire story on Wikileaks : https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/05MUMBAI1682_a.html

Aishwarya S