In 5 days 5 big victories for BJP!!! This is how the conspiracy of Modi-Haters has fallen flat!!

The hatred towards Prime Minister Modi and Hinduism in ‘self-proclaimed’ secular and liberal journalists, opposition, celebrities and leftists is to such an extent that they have even forgotten nation. To defame Modi and his government they can go to any extent, they can cross any limit. Even if it means hurting the sentiments of people, destroying the nation they would not shy away by doing it.

From dividing the society on the basis of religion and caste to undermining the Judiciary of the country, no trick is off-limits, no length untraveled, no depths too low and no path too dirty to tread.

The opposition and its paid media agents always propagated fake news and agendas to tarnish the image of current government and Hinduism. But this week, unfortunately, hasn’t turned good for them. All their attempts for spreading hate and creating communal tensions has backfired on them

As they say sooner or later Truth prevails and this is what has happened tight slapping them.

Gujrat Riots : Naroda Patiya riots Maya Kodnani accused of finally acquitted after 16 years!

Finally, the innocent Maya Kodnani has been acquitted and discharged of all cases falsely implicated on her by the Congress. The court quashed all cases against her and acquitted her role in the Naroda Patiya case based on doubts of her role in the Naroda Patiya massacre happened during the Gujarat riots where ninety-seven people were killed who were mainly women and children.

Saffron Terror: Swami Assemanand accused of the Mecca Masjid blast acquitted after 11 years!

The Congress’s cruel intention to malign the Hindu community has been busted. The UPA, during its rule had invented a new word called Saffron Terror to target BJP and RSS which had made international news.  Swami Assemanand who was intentionally accused by Congress in Mecca Masjid Blast Case kept in jail for 11 years harassed mentally and forced to turn approver in the case. But With 226 witnesses and as many as 411 documents, the prosecution failed to prove that Swami Assemanand had any links with the terror attack that took place in 2007. The court found no evidence against him acquitted him and all others due to lack of evidence

Judge Loya Death Case-Supreme Court Dismisses All Petitions in Judge Loya death Case on Ground Of ‘No Merit’!

Supreme Court dismisses all Petitions in Judge Loya death Case on ground of ‘No Merit’ The court rules that there is no iota of doubt in this that Judge Loya died of natural causes. The apex Court called the petitions a vested interest litigation. It said the petition filed by the petitioners and intervenors was an attempt to scandalise the judiciary. PILs are being misused to further personal agenda and politicise issues. Judge Loya ‘murder conspiracy theory’ propagated by the opposition has fallen flat on its face.

A Muslim man Junaid in the train was killed because he ate beef

An entire gang of paid media agents and so-called liberals of the country created a big drama spreading the news that a Muslim man Junaid Khan was killed by Hindus in a train because he ate beef. Even though many people in the train who were eye witness to the event gave statements that the fight started over seat sharing and not because of beef issue, some paid agents on social media kept peddling lies calling it a religious murder. But all these pseudo liberals and seculars are now hiding their face behind the cameras as the truth has come out. The Punjab and Haryana court which was monitoring the case has said that the initial dispute between Junaid Khan and few accused started because of seat sharing and it had nothing to do with beef.

SemenGate: Fake propaganda of semen bursted back on the faces of liberals

An attempt to defame Hindus Holi Festival by self-proclaimed secular and liberals has been tightly slapped. The propaganda of Holi balloon that they had spread bursted back on their face as the Forensic Science Laboratory after research has come out with a report which states that no semen could be detected on the balloon sample submitted by the two students of the Lady Shriram College who had alleged that semen filled balloon were thrown at them on the eve of Holi earlier this year. It is found that the balloons thrown at the women were filled with some coloured substance mixed with water.

It is not the first time their fake propaganda’s have been exposed. There are many other incidents too that make it clear that these people have always spread the fake news for their personal benefits.

Sadhvi Pragya and Col. Purohit were arrested accusing them of involving in the 2008 Malegaon blasts. They spent nearly 9 years in jail without an FIR or trial until they were granted bail.

Christian Nun Rape Case – Campaign Run for 7 days to defame Hindu : After Investigation it was proved that it’s done by Bangladeshi Muslim not by Hindu, Fake Eklakh Case to Defame Hindus, Fake Case has done by Muslim Girl that she was thrown out of Home in Mumbai just because she is Muslim, Fake Case done by Muslim boy that He was not taken in Interview because He is Muslim, Hindu goons were blamed for Bhima Koregaon violence but now Maoists links has emerged to the Bhima Koregaon violence and many more….

Every arm of the system have been used by the Opposition for carrying out their corrupt intentions. But the entire plot of Congress now seems to be exposed and all innocents like Sadhvi Pragya, Purohit, Swami Aseemanand and now Maya Kodnani have been cleared off in most cases.  Now, do they have guts to accept their wrongdoings.These shameless secular and liberal journalists, opposition, celebrities and leftists who maligned the country should tender an open apology to the country. My request to the people of the nation is that please, do not fall for the nonsense that prestitutes and fake liberals are perpetrating. Break these forces who want to break the nation.