In a befitting to the Congress President, Union Minister Piyush Goyal calls him a ‘Serial liar’, over his Rafale allegations against PM Modi

Lashing out at the Congress President over his repetitive blame game on PM Narendra Modi, making derogatory remarks on the Prime Minister, BJP has answered back rightly to make sure to have a stand on its claim.The Bharatiya Janata Party has lashed out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi calling him a ‘Serial liar’.

After Congress has made number of attempts to defame PM Modi and his BJP party, Union Minister Piyush Goyal, while addressing a press conference in New Delhi, said that repeating a lie 100 times does not make it the truth!

“We have off late been experiencing the activities of a serial liar. Only an issue-less man can repeat a lie again and again. Even if a lie is repeated 100 times, it can never substitute the truth,” Goyal said.

“Congress lied in Parliament too where Rahul Gandhi said he personally met French President and asked him about the secrecy of Rafale deal. It only shows the hollowness of knowledge that he does not know that secrecy pact was done in 2008 by then PM Manmohan Singh. The Government negotiated terms which are far better than what was agreed by UPA in 2007 & 2012. We have gotten faster delivery, longer maintenance tenure, better availability of spare parts and much-needed defence capabilities,” he further added.

Though the appropriate documents and evidences have been provided by the BJP and Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Congress is behind trying every bit to defame the Prime Minister in wrong attempts and trying to trap him in evil intentions. Rahul Gandhi twisted a French media house’s report on Rafale, which the CEO of Dassault has himself said has been a blatant twisting of facts.

Goyal said the Congressmen were possibly trying to hide their own misdemeanours of 2012 when under the pressure of the first family (Gandhi family) they cancelled important negotiations over the deal to benefit their associates and compromised national security.

Hailing the PM Modi Government for the timely signing of the Rafale deal, the BJP leader said, “We have a crystal clear situation keeping national interest and the security of the nation as paramount.”

The Union Minister chose to respond to the Congress President’s allegations wherein he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being a chowkidar of Anil Ambani’s Reliance. Slamming the Congress, Goyal said,

“The Reliance Dassault agreement dates back to 2012 and it immediately raises the question whether the Congress was trying to deflect its own misdeeds by cancelling the entire process because the French side was not willing to give business to a close associate of the first family i.e. Sanjay Bhandari.”

“Who is Bhandari, what are his relations with the first family of the Congress? What are the angularities that the Congress decided to compromise the national security to drop the procurement of much needed defence equipment?” Goyal asked.

Well, the Opposition is making every bit of effort to put down the dignity of PM Modi and his BJP Party, right before the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. But these allegations do not seem to go well with the image of Congress, as it already has born the tag of “Scamgress” party!

Source: Timesnow news

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