In a big blow to Congress, four-time Meghalaya Chief Minister DD Lapang resigns from the party! Here’s why

In a big blow to Congress, four-time Meghalaya Chief Minister and senior Congress leader DD Lapang has tendered his resignation to senior most leaders of the Congress party including President Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi as well as the AICC secretary Vijay Laxmi Sadho.

Lapang, who has been associated with the party since the past four decades has resigned citing ‘senior problems’ in the party during his reign. In the letter the senior leader has described how disheartened he is due to new policy of the party of phasing senior and elderly people regardless of their willingness to work for the party. The senior leader wrote that this restriction by the party has made him frustrated and uncomfortable to work with the party. So he has decided to resign from the party with immediate effect.

“In my opinion the policy of phasing out senior leaders means that the service and contribution of senior and elderly people is no longer useful to the party. Since the spirit and enthusiasm to work for the people is still burning inside me, this restriction made me frustrated and compelled me to be no longer comfortable to be in the party

Expressing his gratitude for the Congress, senior leader in his resignation letter stated, I am glad that I have had the privilege to be in the Congress for the last four decades as an eminent member. But the AICC seems to have different plans. With my present age and health condition, I have decided to continue to serve the country, my state and its people in the same manner wherever I am. Therefore, reluctantly and with heavy heart, I would like to discontinue my dedication towards the Congress party and I tender my resignation with immediate effect. Kindly consider this as my official resignation letter said the senior Congress leader

Besides being CM of Meghalaya four-times, the senior Congress leader has also been president of Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee for a long time. He was first elected to the state assembly in 1972 from the Nongpoh assembly seat as an independent candidate.

This is not the first time any senior leader has resigned from the party. Earlier also, many senior Congress leader has resigned from the party citing the same reason.

In the 84th Congress Plenary session held this year, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had given an indication to the senior Congress leaders that “either quit from your post or else I will throw you out”. Soon after this message, Gujarat Congress chief Bharat Singh Solanki, Goa Congress President Shantaram Naik resigned from their post while many other thought they will resign from the party.

Speculations spread around that Congress Rahul Gandhi want to fill up his party only with his close aides. That’s why he wants all the senior leaders to quit from their positions or else he might end up sacking them.

This shows Congress President respect towards senior leaders of the party. What can we expect from the person who can’t even respect his senior party leaders and their experience?

Source: Republic world