In a big blow to Kerala’s Communist Government, Kerala High Court has ordered the Government not to interfere in the day to day affairs of the temple

In a big blow to communist Government in Kerala, Kerala High Court has ordered the Government strictly not to interfere in the day to day affairs of the temple as Government has no authority over it.

The court has also slammed the Government for being line ant with the police force and not taking any action against the police excesses during the protests last month. It also ordered the Government to initiate the departmental inquiry against the erring officials

Police have to explain the circumstances under which the vehicles were destroyed. These officers also deserve to be punished. Destruction of private property by police officials cannot be considered part of duty, said the HC.
The court also directed the Government for not putting pressure to the temple administrator, The Travancore Devaswom Board, and said that the State government’s role was only limited to providing security and ensuring law and order at Sabarimala. The court has also cautioned the police officers from creating inconvenience to devotees entering Sabarimala

The criticism came hours before the temple opened on Monday evening for the special “Sree Chitira Atta Thirunal” puja today, marking the birthday of the last king of Travancore — Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma. A plea was filed by Ramesh of Mylapore in Tamil Nadu, seeking a direction from the court that the government and the chief minister had no authority to interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the shrine.

The High Court has also questioned Government’s move of banning the media entry and directed that media personnel should not be blocked from visiting the Sabarimala temple

The temple administrator Travancore Devaswom board Chairman A Padmakumar on Tuesday after the court verdict has assured that the government would stay away from the temple affairs. No one from outside would be allowed to interfere in Sabarimala rituals and customs, said the ex-CPM legislator. The Devaswom board manages the temple activities. Rituals starting from opening the ‘nada’ (Sanatorium door) till closing it with the song ‘Harivarasanam’, everything works by the ‘Padithala Vyavastha’(religious customs) he said.

It’s a good decision by the court keeping in view the faith of devotees and to stop unnecessary interruption by Government who was exploiting the beliefs of people for their own political interests.