In a first ever project of India in Island nation Sri Lanka, “Airport Authority of India” to develop Palaly Airport

Earlier India has to spread her hands in front of other nations but now time has changed. Now other nations look to India for help. What India has not witnessed in 70 years of Independence is experiencing now and the credit for this goes to Prime Minister Modi and his Government. His vision and foreign policy has strengthened India’s connection with neighboring countries.

In a big move, the state run Airports Authority of India (AAI) has now got an opportunity to develop an airport in abroad. This will be the first ever airport developed by the organization abroad like its counterparts in private sector GMR & GVK which are already undertaking projects of development in foreign lands.

Airport Authority of India will be developing its first ever international airport in Palaly in Sri Lanka; a strategic area for India. The organization has signed an agreement with ministry of external affairs for preparation of a detailed Project Report for development of Palaly airport in Sri Lanka. The agreement has been locked between AAI’s executive director (land management and business development) Anil Gupta and MEA’s joint secretary Sanjay Panda.

“Till now the Airport Authority of India has developed more than 60 airports in metros as well as non-metro of India and now the wants to leverage its expertise to other countries on a bigger scale. The authority manages almost 120 airports and now wants to go global considering its expertise and capabilities in airport development”, an AAI official said

The official said all the technical and design aspects would be covered in the DPR, which is expected to be completed in three months time (First Post)

According to TimesofIndia report, Palaly is in Jaffna in the north — Tamil territory. India had earlier promised to develop Palaly airport which has been a demand by the Northern Province for some time. The airport will be Sri Lanka’s first in the north, give the northern people direct connectivity with places like South India, Malaysia and Thailand. India has also offered to develop the Kankesanthurai airport also in the north, as well as the Mattala international airport in south Sri Lanka, abutting the Chinese developed Hambantota port.

After the Sri Lankan civil war India has been actively involved in the reconstruction efforts of the Northern Province. The swift action is also due to the Chinese influence in the island nation and its involvement in developing critical infrastructure in the island.

Palaly is important due to the fact that it is in the sensitive Tamil Nadu dominated Northern Province, traditionally closer to India. By developing critical infrastructure here, India is also keeping a foothold in this part of Sri Lanka, said the AAI official.

This project will also give India upper hand over China as China with its strategy of providing funds and help for development of these island nations is drowning these islands in the burden of debt and then taking over these islands as a result when they are not able to pay back. By investing in these nations India will be able to overcome the influence of China on these nations.

Source : TimesofIndia