In a high level meeting of Congress, as soon as Rahul Gandhi opened his mouth, Renuka Chowdhury couldn’t stop laughing! Do you know what the angry Gandhi did to her?

Once again it is proved that Rahul Gandhi is not taken seriously by even his own party leaders. Once, PM Modi had taken a jibe at Rahul Gandhi in the parliament saying “Kuch logon ki umar to badhti hai, lekin samajh nahi badhti (Some people age, but do not mature)”.

When PM Modi said it, the Congress leaders had attacked Mr Modi. But now an incident has been reported where Rahul Gandhi is mocked by a senior most leader of the Congress party in a high-level meeting of the Congress party.

It so happened that the Congress party had organised a meeting to discuss on how to revive the party for the upcoming elections. Soon after starting his speech, Rahul Gandhi said that, “as the party(Congress) is going through its bad phase, all the leaders need to give their best to end this bad time”.

As soon as Rahul Gandhi made this statement, the senior Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury couldn’t stop laughing. The laughter was so uncontrollable that everyone at the meeting was stunned to watch her. All were dead serious and angry over this disrespectful behavior of Renuka Chowdhury.

Helpless Rahul Gandhi ended his speech then and there itself and sat down on his chair. But, Renuka Chowdhury’s laughter didn’t end. She went on to laugh even though everyone at the meeting were dead serious. It took few minutes for Renuka Chowdhury to realise the insult done by her to the scion of Gandhi family.

It was too late when Renuka Chowdhury realized her alleged mistake!

The embarrassed Renuka Chowdhury left the meeting as soon as she realized the mistake done by her. The insiders from Congress party revealed that Rahul Gandhi was thinking of passing an order that restricts Renuka Chowdhury from attending any of the party meetings in the future. Sources also informed that Rahul Gandhi was very angry at the rouge behavior of Renuka Chowdhury.

Renuka Chowdhury just scared the king of Congress! Laugh Like Renuka Chowdhury (LLRC), is the new trend!

  • Haha …this is truly a LLRC news if true ??? No tweets, op-eds from the liberal and feminist brigade on a woman’s right to cackle?

When Renuka Chowdhury had made a similar attempt to disrespect the PM of India, the vice-president of India Mr Venkaiah Naidu had slammed her and asked her to consult a doctor. But PM Modi interrupted and said “Sabhapati ji meri aapse vinti hai Renuka Ji ko kuch mat kahiye. Ramayan serial ke baad aisi hansi sunne ka saubhagya aaj jaake mila hai. (Chairman Sir, I request you to not say anything to Renukaji. After Ramayan (TV) serial, we have got the privilege of hearing this kind of laughter only today)”.

About the disrespect shown by Renuka Chowdhury, some have started talking that “Karma” leaves none. Because Rahul Gandhi had insulted the then PM Mr Manmohan Singh years back saying “I’ll tell you what my opinion on the ordinance is. It’s complete nonsense. It should be torn up and thrown away. That is my personal opinion”.

Source: www.bharatkhabar.com

Hansika Raj