In a hurry to defend Pak Army, Alt News and Janta Ka Reporter stole a content from Pakistani/Pro-Pakistani Kashmiris?

An ugly fight has broken between two of the prominent anti-Modi websites, Alt News and Janta Ka Reporter. As we know that Alt News is a propaganda website which is hiding behind the veil called “Fact-checking” even though its co-founder spreads fake news regularly. And the news portal Janta Ka Reporter is known for its rabid hateful articles against the Modi government and the right-wingers.

Recently, Indian Army’s Major Gaurav Arya who hosts the show “Patriot” on Republic TV posted a video on his Twitter handle with the caption “On 27 Feb freedom fighters of Baloch Republic Army attacked 3 Pak Army posts in Mand area, Distt Kech, Balochistan. So ferocious was the attack that soldiers of Frontier Corps ran away. They were caught by Pak Army SSG & thrashed brutally. See Pak Army without clothes”.

What followed this was an aggressive attempt by the left-leaning Indians who tried to defend the terrorist nation Pakistan. Among them, the prominent one’s were the news portals, Alt News and Janta Ka Reporter.

The bottom line of the articles by these two portals was that Pakistani Army soldiers were not captivated and assaulted by the Baloch Army, but it was a part of the commando training of Pakistan Army.

But a fight broke out between Alt News and Janta Ka Reporter on who is entitled to take the credit of aggressively defending Pakistan Army. Initially, Alt News co-founder Pratik Sinha attacked Jankata Ka Reporter and claimed that Alt News researched the entire story.

Later on, Janta Ka Reporter founder Rifat Jawaid denied the allegations put by Pratik Sinha.

So what’s the truth? Who stole the article?

In another tweet, Retired Major Gaurav Arya said that both the websites, Alt News and Janta Ka Reporter, had stolen the content from Pakistani and Pro-separatist Kashmiri handles.

Soon after Major Arya put out a video where Pakistani soldiers were beaten up, the Pakistani sympathizers tried to deny it. Even the websites Alt News and Janta Ka Reporter sang the same song.

Hansika Raj


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