In a massive crackdown on illegal Bangladeshis, several illegal immigrants removed from voters list

Making an effort to curb Illegal immigrants in India and make sure that they are no more included in the Voters list to cast their illegal votes, the Odisha Administration Authority has taken a bold step to ensure their dismissal from India. This move by the Election Department has come rightly as the Lok Sabha Elections are approaching shortly.

As per Official reports, the district administration of Kendrapara in Odisha has started striking off names of suspected Bangladeshis from their electoral list after the Election Commission started carrying out a revision of their voters list ahead of the state Assembly elections next year.

The coastal district has 1,649 Bangladeshi settlers, while Mahakalpada tehsil alone houses 1,551 of them. So far, 137 Bangladeshis have been detected in the voters list in Mahakalpada tehsil. The voters list revision process will continue till the 27th of September.

“After thorough verification of their origin, these foreign nationals have been removed from the voters list. Officials engaged in the exercise have been asked to ensure none of these foreign nationals find place in the final voters list”, said Kendrapara district Collector Dasarathi Satpathy.

According to Official report, “3,987 Illegal Bangladeshis have been staying in Odisha. Out of them, 1,649 have been staying in coastal Kendrapara district followed by 1,112 in Paradip and Jagatsinghpur”.

Of the 3,987 illegal dwellers, 1,551 foreign nationals from 362 families living in Mahakalpada Tehsil of Kendrapara were served deportation notice in 2005. However, this deportation move has been kept on hold following intervention by the then Union Government. A number of efforts have been made in order to deport these illegal visitors to India but some of the political parties here have been supporting them with shelter and other facilities in order to curb votes from them.

In an attempt to curb influx of illegal immigrants, committees comprising revenue, police and forest officials have been formed to intensify vigil on infiltration. These panels have been working in cohesion in infiltration-affected Maakalpada and Rajnagar tehsils.

A good move is always appreciated when in favor of the Nation. Resources in India are eligible and deserved only by the residents of India and not preserved to any others who have illegally entered our country without being permitted. These illegal immigrants are purely being used by some of the Opposition parties for the sake of votes and thus are in an attempt to not let go of them.

Source: Timesnow news



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