In a shameful act, the Catholic Federation of India has threatened to sue the Nun who dared to speak against the Bishop!

Have they actually been supporting the Nuns genuinely? Was that entire support fake? Support purely showcased to please the eyes of the media? Well, we are forced to Question the authenticity of the concern that Church showed over the Nun who spoke against the Bishop!

Here arises a shocking news from the part of the Church, Despite a wave of support from Keralites for the 44 Year old nun who has accused Bishop Franco Mullakkal of rape. The association has literally threatened to throw the Nuns out of the convent.

The Changanacherry-based Catholic Federation of India is all set to launch a protest demanding the removal of nuns who have spoken out against the former bishop of Jalandhar diocese James Franco Mullakal. The federation alleges that the nuns are illegally staying at the Missionaries of Jesus convent in Kuravilangad,Kerala.

According to Sources, the association has given out a statement that If the Save Our Sisters (SOS) begins the second phase protest against the Catholic church, they will launch our protest to oust the nuns from the convent!

The Catholic Federation of India says that these nuns have the vacate the convent immediately since they are embarrassing the name of the church, If they don’t do, the federation will take legal action and will also protest for the removal of nuns from the convent. The victim nun with other companion nuns is currently staying at the Kuruvilangadu convent.

What stood still more suspicious is that, the nuns from the Missionaries of Jesus congregation in Jalandhar met Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan at his residence in the month of September. Immediately after their meeting with Kerala CM, the nuns alleged that Bishop Franco Mulakkal is ‘innocent’ and was arrested over false allegations! However, what happened over the meeting is unknown and untold.

Here’s the statement given by one of the Nuns, when asked about her stand over the issue: 

“Everyone knows that and we are not with them. We have been living in Punjab for so long and we know that the Bishop is innocent and they have arrested him over false allegations. We came here to talk to the government about this. We have complained to the Chief Minister and we have spoken to him. And the CM said he will take the necessary action. The matter that is going on in court regarding the nuns, let the court decide, we don’t want to comment on that. You think there are only five sisters what about rest of the sisters? You are not understanding that. We are not only 5 sisters there are so many sisters in Punjab. Don’t think that these 5 or 6 sister tell the lie then everybody thinks that the Bishop is wrong. Please ask the CM whatever you want to ask,” said one of the nuns.

However, after the on going outrage in Kerala as well as all over the Country in order to punish the Bishop, he was taken into custody after the protest set fire.Bishop Franco Mulakkal was sent to judicial custody till October 6 by Pala Judicial Magistrate Court after rejecting his bail plea on September 22.

Source: Republic World