In a shocking incident, Kerala women’s panel chief says “Mistakes Do Happen” on CPI (M) MLA accused of sexual abuse

As per reports by ANI, In a shocking attempt, Kerala state women’s commission chief tried to dismiss the charges of sexual harassment against CPI(M) PK Sasi, saying “mistakes do happen” earlier this week and refused to take action, citing a reason of lack of a formal complaint.

“We are all human beings, mistakes do happen. People inside the party may also have committed such mistakes,” the panel’s chairperson, MC Josephine said, when asked about what action was taken in the case.

Yes, mistakes keep happening in Kerala and by the leaders of CPI(M), people keep forgiving and forgetting these intentional mistakes, these are people with great hearts! Being a woman herself, it was quite easy for MC Josephine to just ignore this issue. This can only happen in CPI(M) led state. People have forgotten humanitarian values and are towards hooliganism.

The CPI Leader was last week accused of sexual harassment by a woman, but the state women’s commission chief said they did not initiate action as a complaint was yet to be filed. Josephine also added that the CPI(M) would deal with the case internally. Like it always happens there.

“We have not got any complaint. Even for suo moto case, we at least need the basic details like the nature of complaint which could be revealed either by the media or the victim themselves. In this case, that hasn’t happened. Then how can we register a case?” she asked.

Earlier, the National Commission of Women (NCW) had taken cognizance of the matter and asked the Kerala police to investigate the matter.

“That’s up to the party to decide. The Marxist party will have their own system of dealing with these complaints; it’s not a new thing. Since its inception, the party has handled such complaints,” Josephine added.

If the party will handle the matter on its own, why is she appointed as the Chief of the State Women’s Commission? Isn’t it her duty to personally look into this matter of harassment? CPI(M) rules the state of Kerala that does not mean they are allowed to form rules and decisions on their own. This is a matter of woman’s dignity and none are allowed to comprise with it.

Source: Hindustantimes.com

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