In an act of bravery, The Indian Army demolishes Pakistan Army headquarters in PoK

Our brave soldiers have once again proved that the enemy will be answered back in the same language they understand. In a bold move our soldiers have attacked the Pakistani military administrative headquarters across the Line of Control (LoC) in PoK.

This has been done by our brave hearts in retaliation to Pakistani shelling in Poonch and Jhallas. The Pakistani army had shelled the brigade headquarters and other Indian military formations in Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch on October 23.

“In response to Pakistani army’s firing of stray shells on Poonch and Jhallas on October 23, 2018, the Indian Army has sent a strong signal by firing at Pakistani army administrative headquarters and the residents of border villages also reported that they could see smoke emanating,” the officials said.

Quoting information received from across the border, the officials claimed that several photographs “stood testimony” to the reports of border villagers that they had seen smoke emanating from the Pakistani headquarters after the Indian military’s retaliatory action.

According to sources Pakistan has been repeatedly violating the ceasefire. Despite’s Pakistan violation of ceasefire the Army has exercised maximum restraint  but Pakistan does not stop its shameful acts

In taking action, The Indian Army has maintained that any of its action does not harm the civilian population living on the other side of the LoC in its close proximity in areas such as Hajira, Bandi Gopalpur, Nikial, Samani and Khuiratta.

The officials also stated that the Indian Army has maintained pressure on Pakistan post the surgical strikes through “proactive and precise targeting”. Pakistan suffered more than 138 fatal casualities last year as per the officials and Pakistan was forced to request a ceasefire in face of India’s firepower. However, it seems that Pakistan is showing no signs of changing its behaviour.

Despite the continuous warnings and action by the Indian Army and ceasefire request from their own side Pakistan Army is attacking across the LOC but Indian army has made them very clear this time also and earlier also. Either watch your actions, stop the cowardice attacks or be ready to face the consequences

Indian Army can take such strong actions now without any obstruction; the credit of this goes to the ruling Government. It has become possible only because Prime Minister Modi Government has given free hand to our brave hearts.Apart from giving free hand PM Modi Government has also paid attention to the needs of soldiers. After a long period of nine years it has gifted the soldiers with high quality bullet proof jackets and has also locked the deal for bulletproof helmets keeping in view the security of Armymen who are protecting us day and night

Credits & Source: Economic Times