In an act of intolerance, the leftists of JNU tore posters of Janmashtami saying “Its A Political Festival”

The campus, which is rocked by controversies triggered by Anti-Hindu agenda each day, has now become the nerve centre of a debate on freedom of speech.

Once, Leftists hanged Lord Ram effigy in JNU, called Goddess Durga, a Sex Worker and now this Leftist ecosystem of JNU tore all posters a day before Krishna Janmashtami 2018 saying its a political festival and cannot be allowed as University Elections are approaching!

Previously JNU had opposed the festival of Holi saying it is “Anti-women” festival as historically it has abused Dalit women in the name of celebrations.

“Why does Brahminical-patriarchal India celebrate the burning of Holika, an asura Bahujan woman? What is holy about holi? Historically, the festival has also sexually abused Dalit women in the name of celebrations,” the posters read. The text on the posters further read “celebration of Holi is against womanhood”.

It is almost like JNU has become some Colony of British Empire. It’s like the Pre-independence era before 1947 when everyone fought for every right thing. We wonder when JNU will be independent of this left colonization and feel free to think positive about India and its customs.

Today Hindus are coming out in open, Social media and calling out Missionaries, Love jihad, Suppression and alteration of facts about Hinduism, Hindu phobia. I would probably call it’s the biggest achievement of BJP for Hindus, decade ago we were afraid to speak out in public.

This is a little example of what would be the state of India and Hindus if PM Narendra Modi does not come back to power in 2019. If he was not elected as PM none of us would have imagined where and what all Indian people are heading for. Congress ecosystem would continue and atrocities would be on top. We can now see the actual color of these Pseudo seculars and urban Naxalists ideologies towards the country.