In another attempt to teach India on minorities, the Pakistan PM spreads his nuisance with ‘Quaid’ Jinnah this time!

At the end of the day, it is Pakistan and people from Pakistan refrain to understand the language of politeness and peace. It’s been only a few days that the Pakistan Prime Minister had got his befitting answer for trying to advice India on “how to treat minorities”, and he’s the Pak PM with some more nuisances to create.

Giving back an answer to the recent statement made by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, the former Indian batsman Mohammad Kaif lashed out at the Pak PM putting out facts on how minorities have been only growing in India since the time of Independence presenting a sharp contrast in front of him.

Though it is clear that India needs no form of advice from the butcher nation, Imran Khan wasted no time to make his point yet again and to social media and posted a series of tweets in which he tried to compare the treatment of minorities in India and Pakistan while invoking founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who is revered as Quaid-i-Azam in Pakistan and terming him as the ‘ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity’.

In spite of all those answers he got on behalf of his good for nothing advice for India, it seems that he is not done yet. The entire world is a witness of how Pakistan treats his people, especially those who do not belong to Islam culture. And this man, Prime Minister of the same country is trying and teaching India how to treat its people? Nothing can be more worse than this. Every advice that comes with well-being of India is always welcome but not from those who have no humanity to follow.

The former Indian Cricketer made sure he made a point in favor of India and its dignity of treating people & attacked Pakistan PM over his remarks in minority treatment in India:

“There were around 20% minorities at the time of Partition in Pakistan, less than 2% remain now. On the other hand minority population has grown significantly in India since Independence. Pakistan is the last country that should be lecturing any country on how to treat minorities”.

May it be people belonging to any community, caste or creed India has welcomed them with open arms and there is no sought of discrimination towards any of them, as long as they do not intend to break law and order in the society. India is a democratic country and makes no restriction for any of its residents to make a decision. In fact, minorities in India have received the most of benefits than the majority of Hindus .

Earlier it was AIMIM’s chief Asaduddin Owaisi who called out Imran Khan for wanting to “show the Indian government how to treat minorities”. Owaisi reminded Khan that the Pakistan Constitution only allows a Muslim to be the President of the country, whereas on contrary India has seen many Presidents from various oppressed communities.

Source: Republic World