In Congress ruled Madhya Pradesh, a mob led by Rizwana Bi pelt stones at a school bus after it rammed at a goat, due to brake failure

It was a normal day for the school going kids of Indore, Madhya Pradesh until their bus faced a technical glitch. When the bus driver came to know that the brakes of the bus had failed, his next thought was to save the kids present in the bus. So in an attempt to save the lives of the kids, the driver steered the bus into a field but unfortunately a goat that was gazing in the field got killed.

Whoever has even an ounce of humanity will rush towards the school bus and check if the driver and the school children are fine. But what was shocking was that the owner of the goat, Rizwana Bi ran towards the bus and started to assault the driver of the bus Mr Mukesh.

हादसे के बाद बच्चों को अस्पताल लाया गया।

Note that the driver accidentally hit the goat while trying to save nearly 50 kids of humans who were in the bus. But the narrow minded Rizwana Bi didn’t even bother to see if the kids were save, all that mattered to her was her goat. Later even her son Mohammad joined her to assault the driver. He even called up his friends and when their strength increased, the mob pelted stones at the bus.

While this brutal attack was going on, the bus was filled with around 50 students. A report stated “Nine children aged between 6 to 14 were injured by broken glass” and the violent mob even broke the glasses of the bus.

The mob was dispersed only after the security guards of a early government school were called, or else the students and the driver would have been lynched. Currently the police have not just arrested Rizwana Bi and eight others but have also registered a case against Rafiq, Shakeel, Rashid, Aarif, Sabir, Hakim, Naeem, Naseer, Javed, Naushad and Mohammad Alpesh.

What is disheartening is that the police registered a case even on the innocent driver.

Hansika Raj


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