In Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri, the Indian Army constructs footbridge for school children!

While on one hand, where Political parties struggle to fulfill the requests of Common people, our pride- The Indian Army has completed a multi-level task on request of citizens who belong to a remote village. Leftists and Anti-Indian brigade must hang their head in shame after hearing this news.

In a Noble gesture, Indian Army has come forward and constructed “a Footbridge”, to improve connectivity for students of a remote village in Rajouri District of Jammu and Kashmir. Now that’s a wonderful task by our Army men.

While you must be wondering what led to this task by the Armymen, let me tell you what actually took place. It so happened that, a school located at the “Jaba” Village had requested the Indian Army authorities for construction of a footbridge over a stream to ameliorate problems faced by children, as per reported by a spokesperson.

Immediately after hearing this request, the Army men took up the cause and completed the construction of the footbridge over the stream in just a week’s time. The purpose was selfless and the Indian Army intended to help the little kids to go School without facing difficulties.

And that’s not all to praise them, the Army also worked to improve the school playground in terms of leveling and marking, the spokesman said. He also added that it would help the children to indulge in sports and recreational activities in turn helping in their overall development.

This gesture by the Indian Army has gained a huge level of appreciation from the school Management and villagers appreciated the initiative and expressed gratitude to the Army for undertaking this task. Sad that you may not find these words of appreciation from the leftist part of our country! A Good deed done by our Army is never appreciated. Appreciated or not Indian Army has always stood for our well-being and we are proud of them..

Source: Times of India