In Modi Raj, even a Tweet could save life! Yes, this is how railway minister Piyush Goyal saved the life of an Indian

The first government in India that has made use of the technology is now saving lives of common citizens through a mere tweet. This time a patient needed medicines and two oxygen cylinders while on board Chennai-bound Duronto Express and just a tweet from the patient’s friend to railway minister Piyush Goyal saved the life. Surprised?

It so happened that the doctor who had to accompany the patient named Meenakshi carrying the medicines required had unfortunately missed the train. And that’s when the patient’s friend Ankita Sood tweeted to the railway minister saying “Dear Piyush Goyal Ji, an urgent help required for my friend travelling by Furonto and she is a patient on oxygen. PNR details are given below and 2 oxygen cylinders required urgently and ORS tetra packs and the medicine shown in picture as the doctor supposed to carry these have missed the train”.

And as expected, the railway Minister Piyush Goyal didn’t let the needy down. Meenakshi, the patient, who was travelling by Delhi to Chennai Duronto Express on coach number A2 was not only finding it difficult to breathe but was also low on fluid.

Soon after the railway department made a note of the patient’s train, the location of the train was tracked through the global positioning system (GPS) and the divisional railway manager (DRM) of Jharkhand was asked to arrange for the medical aid at the earliest. By the time the train had reached Jhansi station, the patient found the rays of hope as doctor were waiting with the required medicines. Before the patient found the doctor, DRM – Allahabad, DRM – Jhansi and DRM – Jharkhand were in constant touch with the patient and higher authorities. All thanks to the responsive Modi cabinet.

After the patient Meenakshi received timely help, her son thanked and praised PM Modi and the railway minister Piyush Goyal by saying “On behalf of my mother and all our family members, we express our heartfelt gratitude for the prompt action from the Indian Railways”.

“Tears of joy, the spirit of team work and unity was witnessed at the Jhansi station when the Doctor and his attendant met our family members with the required Oxygen cylinder, IV fluids and other medications. It is unbelievable to know how the current government headed by Shri Modi Ji and the pro active Railway ministry headed by Shri Piyush Goyal Ji were very pro active to help this patient in need of medical assistance” he added.

Still the Modi haters say that the “Digital India” initiative is a flop show.

Source: My Nation

Hansika Raj