In order to hide the upcoming Karnataka defeat, Congress makes a hilarious claim that PM Modi is influencing Karnataka elections with his Nepal Visit

The Congress has already started to find reasons for hiding its face after the Karnataka elections. Earlier in the day, senior Congress leader Brijesh Kalappa claimed that the EVMs are working in favour of the BJP by tweeting “There are 5 booths opposite to my Parent’s apartment at RMV II Stage, Bengaluru. In the 2nd booth, any button pressed registers a vote ONLY to kiwi mele Kamala i.e Kamal ke phool. Angry voters are returning without casting their vote”.

Congress claims that PM Modi is influencing the voters in Karnataka with his Nepal Visit: Congress

Soon after Brijesh Kalappa’s statement, another senior Congress leader, Ashok Gehlot, went a step ahead and claimed that PM Modi held his Nepal visit to influence the voters in the Karnataka polls. “As there is model code of conduct in Karnataka, PM Modi planned to pray at temples in Nepal instead, just to influence voters. This is not a good trend for democracy. Why did he only choose today as the day?” said Ashok Gehlot. So the problem for these Congress leaders are why PM Modi is visiting temples and uniting the Hindus world wide.

WATCH!!! Senior Congress leader Ashok Gehlot links PM Modi’s Nepal visit to Karnataka polls, says ‘This is a new tactic adopted by BJP’!

Here are the questions the Congress leaders need to answer!

  • India is a democratic nation and elections are conducted in the nation almost every alternate day. So, this doesn’t mean that the Prime Minister of the nation shouldn’t go to foreign nations. The PM visits the nation in order to strengthen the ties. During the time of Gujarat elections in 2017, Rahul Gandhi was not in India. Would you call it an attempt to impact the Gujarat elections?
  • It should be noted that the Nepali citizens can join the Indian Army. So when this is the condition, the Indian PM must act like a big brother of Nepal. That’s when even the Nepalis in the Indian Army feel a special bonding with the Indians. Congress leaders must say whether the Indian PM must not exhibit his gratitude for the services of Nepali soldiers in the Indian Army?
  • If India doesn’t maintain a good relationship with Nepal, then the Chinese–who are already waiting to separate Nepal from India– will use Nepal against India and India cannot afford it.  Does the Congress want the Chinese to attack India once again like it happened when Nehru was ruling India?

Congress is in power only in 3 states and it will lose Karnataka as well. BJP is in power in 22 states and if it wins Karnataka, then it will be a mandate given for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well and the Congress cannot afford this.

And coming to PM Modi’s Nepal visit, it was a massive success as the Nepali citizens had queued up to have a glimpse of PM Modi. Prime Minister Modi created a record even in Nepal. Yes, PM Modi became the first world leader to offer prayers at Nepal’s iconic Muktinath temple, revered by Hindus and Buddhists.

Hansika Raj