In Rahul Gandhi’s Madhya Pradesh rally, there were more of BJP flags than the Congress! But the blunder created by Rahul Gandhi was more embarrassing to the Congress party

The 48 year old Shiv-Bhakt who kick started his Madhya Pardesh assembly election campaign on 18th September was as expected full of blunders and embarrassments. To woe the Hindu voters, life-size cut-outs and posters with photographs of Rahul Gandhi pouring holy water on Shivalinga were displayed along the 18-km route that Rahul Gandhi covered in a bus. But the same tactic of “Soft Hindutva” trapped and pushed Rahul Gandhi into shame front of thousands of audience.

Highlights of Rahul Gandhi’s Madhya Pradesh rally:

  • Right in front of Rahul Gandhi, the BJP flags outnumbered the Congress party flags but Rahul Gandhi could do nothing but to just watch it sadly.
  • Secondly, when a lady asked in the rally “Rahul ji, Karyakarthas want to know your Kailash Yatra experience”, the reaction of Rahul Gandhi was absolutely shocking. This posed the question in the minds of the people “Did Rahul Gandhi really visit the Kailsh Yatra?”.
  • Immediately after Rahul Gandhi got mum, the audience in the Congress rally started shouting “Modi Modi…Modi Zindabad”.

The Congress party stated that “Congress President Rahul Gandhi is greeted by a throng of supporters during the Congress Sankalp Yatra in Bhopal”. But in reality the Congress president had to witness more of BJP fans than the Congress.

In the above video, it is clearly evident that the entire street was filled with the supporters of PM Modi. The saffron flags clearly defeated the flags of the Congress party. Needless to say that there were chants supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But Rahul Gandhi could do nothing more than waving his hand.

Kailash Yatra blunder:

Right from announcement of yatra to travelling to the Kalisha yatra, the entire episode was filled with several suspicions. While addressing the audience in Madhya Pradesh, a lady asked Rahul Gandhi “Rahul ji, Karyakarthas want to know your Kailash Yatra experience”.

But it was evident that Rahul Gandhi never expected this sort of question. He was literally dumb stuck and this again strengthened the claims that Rahul Gandhi didn’t go on the holy pilgrimage.

As expected, neither the people of Madhya Pradesh nor the BJP leaders of the state took Rahul Gandhi’s viist seriously. Madhya Pradesh Revenue Minister Umashankar Gupta said “Rahul Gandhi’s track record hasn’t been good for his party. Wherever he has gone to campaign, the Congress has lost. He isn’t bothered about the problems of the people of the country. He isn’t aware of the situation here. He is doing this for the sake of votes”.

Since Rahul Gandhi became the President of the Congress party, the party never won any elections. Forget winning the mandate, in several places it even failed to win a single MLA seat.

In the 2013 assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata party had swept the poll under the leadership of Shivraj Singh Chouhan by winning 165 seats whereas the Congress party had won just 58 seats.

Even in the 230 seat Madhya Pradesh assembly, the BJP had won 143 seats whereas the Congress party had won just 71 seats.

It won’t be  surprise of the BJP improves in numbers in this assembly elections.

Hansika Raj


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