In Singapore, Rahul Gandhi gets humiliated in front of a huge crowd!!! Do you know why he got nervous and started to drink water when an author asked question on his family?

Smart is that guy who can face “out of syllabus” questions with wild confidence. But here we have a 47-year-old alleged youth icon who is not yet aware of the contribution of his own family. What is even more hilarious is that this same guy wants to rule India by becoming its Prime Minister, one day.

We are talking of none other than the scion of Gandhi dynasty, Rahul Gandhi, who takes great pleasure in insulting the world’s biggest democracy, especially in foreign land. The day when Rahul Gandhi had insulted India in University of California, Berkeley, the Congress should have had understood his potentials and should have had put a break to his foreign tours. But Rahul Gandhi has done the damage once again.

When Rahul Gandhi could not answer what his family’s contribution to India is!!!

Rahul Gandhi was in his three day Singapore tour and in a conference session, an author totally ripped Congress president and his family in front of the massive crowd but the nervous Rahul Gandhi could do nothing else than drinking water.

When Mr P K Basu, the author of the book titled “Asia Reborn”, the first comprehensive economic and political history of whole of Asia, asked a question, Rahul Gandhi’s true knowledge got exposed. Mr Basu asked,

  • “Why is it that during the years of your family (Gandhi family) ruled India, India’s per capita income was growing less than the world average and yet in the years since your family relinquished the prime minister ship of India, India’s per capita income has grown substantially faster than the world average”.

There you go….. Checkmate Mr Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi, who looked totally clueless looking at this question tried to make a come back by stammering and stutteringly saying that “…..and what is your hypothesis?”

Mr Basu hits back at Rahul Gandhi’s bizarre question saying “I asked you the question. Hypothesis is in my book. Please read the book and its called Asia Reborn”.

WATCH!!! When Rahul Gandhi could not answer what his family’s contribution to India is!!!

Clueless Rahul Gandhi starts drinking water in nervous but the author again rips him apart!

The author slams Rahul Gandhi by further digging the scam done by Gandhi family. Mr Basu says,

  • “At the point of Independence, India per capital income was one of the lowest in the world and India’s life expectancy was 32 year which was the lowest in the world while Africa’s average was 38. So being a poorest country in the world, you should be growing faster than the world’s average to close the gap. And Unfortunately during the period of the your family’s rule, India didn’t achieve so”.

Clueless Rahul Gandhi starts questioning Mr Basu saying “So you are saying that I absolutely have no role in the Indian politics since 2004 till today? Yes, Rahul Gandhi wasn’t able to answer why the growth during his great grand father, grand mother and father was very low when compared to the world.”

So he acted like cry baby and decided to beat around the bush but the crowd was really savage. They ripped apart Rahul Gandhi by shouting that “Answer the question, please answer the question. Why doesn’t he answer the question”.

Rahul Gandhi who didn’t even sniff the question started crying that “I have answered the question”.

A man who can’t answer on his family wants to rule India. “Glad that he didn’t cave. That’s some serious humiliation on the part of his family’s rule. He was shell-shocked. Intelligent people know how Gandhi family failed India in their long 70 years of pocket filling”, said a Twitterati.

WATCH, the extended video of Rahul Gandhi’s humiliation!

Hansika Raj