In the aftermath of the deadliest terror attacks SriLanka ordered a ban on all types of face coverings garments including Burqas

In the aftermath of the deadliest terror attacks that ripped three churches and luxury hotels killing more than 300 and wounded more than 500 people , SriLanka has ordered a ban on all types of face coverings garments including Burqas. The decision has been taken by President Maithripala Sirisena to ensure public safety. “Wearing garments that cover the face completely will be banned from tomorrow, to ensure public safety” the presidential decree reads.

This move was first proposed by a parliamentarian who moved a private members’ motion to ban masks, face covers including burqas. MP Ashu Marasinghe had said that the garment was “not a traditional Muslim attire” and should be banned on security grounds

It is also observed that during an investigation, the Sri Lankan government found out that there were many women involved in the Easter Sunday attacks and had escaped wearing burqas. The interrogation of the suspects and other pieces of evidence pointed out that the women who were involved in the attack could have gotten away easily because of the burqa.

Defence sources said that the number of women involved in the attack in Dematagoda too escaped with help of the burqa worn by them. The attack also claimed the lives of 30 foreign nationals. 40 suspects including a van driver have been arrested in connection with the multiple attacks that took place in Sri Lanka.

Earlier there were reports doing the rounds that PM Ranil Wickremasinghe was to oppose the ban on face coverings. He has, however, reportedly denied the claims and said that he will discuss the ban with the minister of justice.

Earlier also this practice is being followed by many nations such as Chad, China (Xinjiang also), Austria, France, Belgium. These nations have enacted complete ban on Burqa. Has it happened in India till now the pseudo liberals would have taken the nation by storm? Srilanka is lucky that they do not have such people and people over there understand what is necessary for the security and safety of the nation.

Source : RightLog