In the fear of “Tareekh pe Tareekh” going to get over soon, NDTV awoke from deep sleep, This is how Delhi High Court slammed NDTV

In another setback to New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) the Delhi High Court has slammed the NDTV for wasting the court’s time in an old defamation case it has filed against Akbar and the Sunday Guardian seven years ago.

In 2011 NDTV has first approached the High Court against both the parties and alleged that in Sunday Guardian defamatory articles was published to tarnish the image of the channel. NDTV claimed that the articles had alluded to foul play in the finances of the channel, as well as tax evasion on its part.(Barandbench)

Under the defamation case, the channel sought an amount of Rs 25 crore and issuance of warning for writing such derogatory articles. But the court slammed back NDTV stating that as both the parties, petitioner and defender were not serious about the case and has been postponing its hearing for further dates in the wake of seeking proofs and evidence against each other.

According to the court for producing evidence NDTV had almost availed eleven opportunities but everytime it had seeked adjournment and forgiveness for not producing any evidence. On the other side, the defending party has also been reluctant when the Joint Registrar has given them time for seeking proof and has availed 7 opportunities in total till date.

The single judge bench of Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw also stated that as per his observations both the parties were not at all concerned about the case and get from sleep only when the time of hearing approaches.

When the senior advocate belonging to the petitioner was arguing on condonation of delay in filing a chamber appeal against the decision of  Joint Registrar to close its evidence he stated that the suit filed was for big amount and that his client had already paid Rs. 25 lakh in court fees.

The bench severely criticized the channel and said “What they think, If they have paid fees of lakhs of rupees to the court, have they purchased the right to waste the time of the court. It is not your client who has suffered, but it is court which has suffered. It is the court which incurs cost of thousands of rupees for listing a case. It is the court whose reputation has suffered by adding such types of cases in the court where the petitioner and defender is not at all about concerned. It is the other litigants who has suffered whose serious cases are pending with the court due to such cases”.

The court also stated that NDTV has just awoken from deep sleep now when it realized that the game of Tareekh pe Tareekh” is going to get over soon.

The court thus dismissed the case and made it clear that “The time of Court is not for sale and the court will decide how it is to be regulated not the petitioners”.

NDTV has always misused the authorities and institutions according to their will under their favourite government in power but should now understand that this is not going to happen anymore.

Source : Barandbench